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  1. By legal, I mean that the previous user bought it from a store, and then some years later sold it to me second hand therby transferring the license to me. I am trying to find the copyright owners to see if they can replace my disks, but had no luck yet.
  2. Hi, I have a legal copy of R-type bought on ebay. The disks are bad. I found the STX images of the disks. Is it possible to write them back to a good floppy again ? Thanks, Regards
  3. Hey I know nothing about old monitors other than switching them on and off. Hoped someone here could help me understand if I have a faulty monitor, or the monitor is in the wrong country. Anyway thanks for you time
  4. What about changing the VHOLD and HOLD controls in the back of the monitor ? Would that help ?
  5. There is the refresh frequency of the video signal that comes from the computer, and theres the frequency of the power supply. It's the latter that I am talking about. As I said, I can hear sound coming out of the monitor when I press the computer keys, and I can change the volume of that sound in the monitor. I just don't get a picture.
  6. I guess I am stuck with 50Hz. Only if the monitor could do 50Hz also. But I don´t know if it does.
  7. I checked the output of my step down transformer, and its giving 120V (correct) at 50HZ (WRONG!!). The monitor needs 60HZ because that is the mains AC frequency in the USA. Any one know of a step down transformer that can do 120V 60HZ 0.83Amps, I searched amazon but could not find one (yet).
  8. Then I don't have a monochrome monitor. I have a color one.
  9. Hi Atari fans, I have a working Atari 520STFM machine that I can connect to an HDMI monitor through a monitor cable that has the atari connector on one end and a SCART connector on the other, The SCART connector connects to a black box that outputs HDMI and then goes to the HDMI monitor. A while ago I bought a monochrome SC1224 monitor from the USA. (I'm in Europe) I had to also get a step-down transformer to convert the 220V from Europe to 110V of USA to power the monitor. Its rated at 300W. I connected all the cables, and the computer boots, the green led on the monitor lights up, If I crank up the sound volume on the monitor I can hear a Hum. If I press the keys I can hear the clicking sound coming out of the monitor, but there is no picture. There are some controls in the back to use with a screw driver. I fiddled a bit with them but nothing happened. Did I get the wrong monitor ? Thanks, Regards
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