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  1. Hi all, I purchased my Laser 128 new back in 1990 and just getting around to refurbishing it. RGBtoHDMI is helping out tremendously. I purchased this computer with a small amber Laser-branded monitor called the Laser 120T. I can't find any info about this online. Anyone aware of a user manual or documentation on it? Also, I can't find any documentation on the Laser FD-356 3.5" floppy drive. Surprised there are no manuals out there. Anyone see anything on this? Thanks, Tim
  2. Just curious if you still have TI items available? I am about 2 hrs away and would be available tomorrow evening.
  3. I am also interested to see what is available. I had to give up my Miner2049'er sidecart from when I was kid... I PM'ed you for your address since I am in northern Illinois. Thanks!
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