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  1. Ok wow I'm silly, I just realized that this is the chip, not the one I posted right before. I was confused by the amount of pins on the chip. Now then, about this. TMS9928AN vs TMS9928ANL. Is there a difference between the 2,does it matter which one goes in the system? They are the 2 ones that pop up when I search "tms 9928" on ebay.
  2. So this would be the VDP chip I'm guessing based on what I looked into, again this photo is from my CV. Or is it the NEC D780C that needs to be replaced, that's the CPU though If i'm not mistaken. and now suppose I buy this https://www.ebay.ca/itm/222387146999?hash=item33c74e90f7:g:plUAAMXQ97RRHEk9 then I should be on the right path correct?
  3. So does that mean that maybe this thing isn't broken? I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Of course if i don't have to replace anything that would be nice but maybe I'll have to.
  4. Yes it gives this screen every time regardless if there's a game in the console. Here's what the Capacitors look like on my console.
  5. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/114258620533?hash=item1a9a583075:g:EFUAAOSw6ohe5cu2 I also had to buy this power supply since the one (which was an original power supply) that came with mine was garbage and didn't work
  6. Hello everyone, back in December I acquired a colecovision from a family member and when i got around to testing it I got this. A big green striped rectangle with a blue border covering the screen. I was able to start games you could hear them play and I could move around and what not but this is what was on screen. I've looked around and i've seen other people who have a green tint on an otherwise working colecovision display. But didn't have the same issue as this. Perhaps one of the chips inside is truly screwed? Any ideas or help? and do let me know if there's any other pictures you'd like to see to further help.
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