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  1. I would like to add a further detail, in the end I bought the TC26SC600HS from Best Electonics hoping that it was compatible. Well, Toshiba's TC26SC600HS has 144 pins, while the original unbranded 6SC600HF has 160 pins. After a moment of despair, looking at the motherboard and the wiring diagram, I noticed that the extra pins are not used and they are external for each side. I replaced the original chip with the toshiba, and the jaguar works perfectly. I wish all of this would help someone.
  2. hello , I want to update the repair situation, well I found the fault, the problem was a broken track between pin 5 and 13 of the IC U10, the 74hc74. thanks for the help I hope this experience can help someone
  3. Yes, you are right, I changed tda1545 and 74hc74 then I probed with my oscilloscope the pins SCK, WS, TXD, RXD, directly from the processor. The only output pin working was SCK, with its square wave. By the way, jerry reaches 40 degrees while tom is at 30 degrees.
  4. Thank you for answering me but I already checked the joints. The Jerry processor controls the audio and the controllers as well as other functions, in my Jaguar everything works except the audio, and after checking the entire signal path, I noticed that the signal does not come out of the processor. Also this processor is hotter than Tom, which logically should be hotter or the same.
  5. Hello, I have an Atari Jaguar with the dsp Jerry half working, I'd like to know if the IC 6SC600HF is interchangeable with the IC TC26SC600HS, because best electonics has only this one. Thank you.
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