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  1. Agreed! A very nice gesture. A nice display piece. Better its inaccurate so less likely anyone would get screwed. (not saying vinnie would) and a cool story to tell about how he got it. We cool homie?! No hard feelings?!
  2. Also you got to think,what you said is true (it is) but you could do that with anything. You could go buy a second print comic and sell it as a first. Or buy a Michael Jordan cars and sign it and sell it as real. Or you can buy a vase from kmart and say its priceless. Theres dumb rookie collectors all over.just as theres people without morals screwing them over. you just got to hope not to run into either!
  3. Lmao!!! Got it! So your problem isnt with vinnie or the guy who gifted it to him, your problem is with the manufacturer for not doing his job and making it accurate! Now see I can agree with you there.it wouldve taken all of 3 minutes to find out what games were out in 81 (or even 86) I really don't think vinnie will ever sell it though. It was still incredibly awesome for someone to go through the time and expense and give it to him.
  4. You know something? I actually agree with just about everything you said. Except, how could it be used to do harm? I dont feel like i wasted his time. He actually kept messaging me lol. And yes it was inaccurate but if the dude was working off some blurry ass picture,from some magazine back in 1981,I think he did a pretty good job! But you and I aren't arguing! were all brothers of atari.
  5. There is your answer. This explains everything.it explains alien brigade.it even explains if the pictures were thst blurry they might have mistaken 1981 for 1986.so you have a copy.still a very nice one though.whoever gifted it probably isn't even aware its a copy.
  6. ok so this is the belt they made but they didnt originally make it.he made it off of a picture.
  7. Why you gotta shit on this dudes parade? lol I think it looks fantastic.it obviously wasn't meant to be of wwe quality or anything. You say 00s. And it probably was. But if it was (and it obviously was) something just passed around between drinking buddies.whats the harm? Any Atari fan would love it. Especially since the dude said it was gifted to him.
  8. That's my guess to vinnie.im picturing this scenario.it was probably a bunch of guys who got together for their own atari tournament in one of his buddys houses and they had it made with the artworks of the original tournament. It probably sat in some guys mancave for years. If i had to guess,either some dude passed away and his wife sold his shit.or he sold it because she made him! lol either way its an amazing piece of artwork. Its a masterpiece and you can tell it was well taken care of. Enjoy it!
  9. Ok so it was made new! But the question is.was it made new off an existing belt? Theres 2 things here. Either A: it was made new by a manufacturer off and older belt. Or B: its the coolest mother fuckin belt on planet earth! Cause it was made to honor said tournament and its pays homage to atari. You can also tell by looking at it,they spared no expense to have it made and to have it made with the Nostaliga feeling. It easily cost a couple hundred bucks. So either way its a win/win.
  10. But why go through these lengths to fake it? Its not like people were running around looking for an atari wrestling belt! And the artwork is consistent with the times. The only part that isn't is alien brigade,which would have come out 3 years later.but it could've already been on arcade.or a secret game they released for the tournament (a la super Mario 3 in the wizard) I think it's real. Like you said,maybe a botched restoration.
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