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  1. While sacrilegious, that sounds amazing! Did it accept NES carts, or was it a 101-games-on-a-chip type? And while I love my 7800, I still have the ol' 2600 for rough-and-tumble playing with my kid. The 7800 is tough, but my Cuttle Cart isn't. As far as disadvantages go, the 7800 controllers really are bad (uncomfortable) and the games, though graphically advanced, are only somewhat fun. Homebrews are really the boast of the system.
  2. Yipes! Have parachute pants come back yet? Acid washed jeans and a t-shirt with something "Awesome!" on it would probably work. Don't forget the headband! I voted for Mrs. Pac-Man in the poll, but I'm not sure it's the best game. "E.T." has the cultural significance of being a symbol of the Crash (though I honestly don't think it's responsible, the great Landfill Legend is a telling sign of '80s overindulgent doom). Very poorly written third-party games for the Atari are probably more to blame, as well as some Atari Corp. management decisions. It would be nice to showcase a GREAT game on the 2600, something fun & graphically intriguing, but I'm not sure what that'd be. I wouldn't bother with "Combat", and "Warlords", while fun, is pretty simple (a PONG variation). Otherwise, "Yar's Revenge" is generally accepted as one of the best games and it's flashy. That way, you can communicate that the 2600 could've been a more competitive system had the market been different (if the market hadn't been glutted with crappy games, there might've been fewer but better games).
  3. There's an important point there: are you looking to live demo the Atari in class? It may not hook up to a TV at school unless it is an older LCD with RF input. It'd crack me up if they still had a CRT type TV on an aluminum rolling shelf in the library somewhere. That'd be the ultimate demo.
  4. I never looked at the old site. But now that you bring it to my attention, the old style fuji and the rainbow header definitely feel "retro". However, will they just be criticized for creating a webpage "stuck in the '90s"? Still, if I'm gonna play Battlezone on my web browser, might as well play it at Atari.
  5. Just cleaning around the office this weekend and ran into this box. The free 7800 is still available. Remember, it doesn't work "as is", but I'm betting it can be salvaged. Please, I'm tired of tripping on it!
  6. Much like credit cards, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a fallback to type in the license number (e.g. the card won't swipe). And as far as "the government's watching" paranoia, were you paying by cash? Because any electronic transaction automatically places you in that Target (location) buying that "subversive" game (motive). They've got a security system too, so there's a visual of you being there either way.
  7. Truly an awesome find. I'm not a MIB collector either, but I wouldn't open it. Someone out there has got to house this treasure.
  8. I've always unplugged mine since I burned out an AC adapter back in '83. The Atari was always plugged in then, and sure they get warm, but it's not like I played non-stop for days or anything. Yet, somehow, it burned out.
  9. 7800 is long gone. Still have an Intellivision cart "Bomb Squad" from a rummage sale; free for shipping or a Sesame Street 2600 cart.
  10. A Memorial Day bummer: gearing up for an afternoon of Atari and it passes out. First I plugged in my CC2 and fired the system up. "No MMC found"; I'm really paranoid about pushing that card in too far. So I power off, pull the CC2, reseat the MMC, insert & power on... to a black screen. No Atari logo, no sound, nothing. I try a 2600 Qbert, same black screen after power on. I haven't opened the console yet (no time) to see if anything looks "odd", but shouldn't a 7800 always display the Atari logo when it's powered on and correctly connected to the TV (game or not)? I got this unit off eBay in rough shape (but for cheap) and I'd been thinking about buying a "new" one from Best anyway. Still, does anyone know of someone selling A/V modded 7800 consoles? I might be able to pull the mod off myself (some skill), but I'd rather not risk frying a "new" console. Any ideas for reviving this old one?
  11. Funny that the mold of the gun looks very similar to the mold used for a toy that shot yellow plastic BBs (not very far, I might add). Except mine was dark blue with black grips (made before the anti-violence campaigns I guess).
  12. I agree that modern games are a little too challenging from a straightforward standpoint. I'm still boggled by controllers, but the real challenge is that there's usually a "trick" (notsomuch a cheat) to get through a certain event. Note: I NEVER beat the AT-AT in N64s Rogue Squadron just because I never figured out the catch. Then I gave up on the game. For the folks that say new games are easier, I'll agree that save points are much easier to come by than past generations of gaming. Remember the smoldering anger and frustration of dying only to start at the beginning again? And the Internet has made finding those "chance" events in modern games easier. I watched a friend of mine sit down with a stack of printouts for GTA: San Andreas like he was ready for a physics exam. Too bad the kid doesn't study as hard for school!
  13. Holy cow! You have a flat panel dedicated for Atari gaming?! Too envious.
  14. Just another quick note about "Plutos": I'm playing last night and the missus walks over and asks, "Huh? Is that Atari?!" Nevermind the 7800 in the floor. "I thought everything was supposed to be square and blocky." Dead serious, like those were the programming restrictions (You can make anything you want, as long as it's blocky). In her defense, I do play more 2600 games than 7800, though. And the graphics on these protos are really good ("Sirius" is almost SNES good).
  15. Not whining: $200 (or more?) of broken CuttleCart2 down the drain would be a tragedy. And mine broke the same way: long MMC got pushed in too far and unseated the bracket. Luckily, only one of the contacts on my bracket broke, and a (very ugly) solder did the job. Had me terrified for a minute though; most of the games I play are homebrews, hacks and protos (PLUTOS ANYONE???).
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