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  1. I think that's more than a possibility. After flashing SDX of the Side 3 to the latest Version and using a new PSU, it's still the same result.
  2. @candle the megaram XL/XE version 1 from K.Peters are soldered all over the mainboard and I'am not able to disable this thing. New SD-Cards arrived and thats don't chnage anything. I had a one time luck for two of the three cards and had a chance to run FDISK and put patitions on ist. The Side3 loader. If the other things don't help i have to look for someone near by with the right knowledge and equipment to sort the problems out.
  3. thanks for all feedback. i orders some sd's and a new 3A PSU and on top SIO2PC to mount the update, but it will take a few days to receive the goods.
  4. thats right, only 2 times it startet sdx and recognized the SD-Card but normaly it hang up. i have tried i today 50 - 60 times an only 1 time it boots up right. that's the last try before reading your message @candle and that's how it looks on the unexpandet one. The Side3 is working fine.
  5. Since over a week i have problems to get my Side3 running with SDX and register the SD. To understand the following hardware is used: 800XL with 320k megaram expansion, Sophia2, Side3 Booting without SD-Card: Booting with SD-Card inserted: Using the Sideloader an SD-Card all works fine an i can start ATR files till 180kb. But if i'm using my spare 800XL without any upgrades SDX boot up and recognise the SD-Card every time. For me it look like that the PSU is weak. (apologize for the wrong term) Any suggestions?
  6. In the 90s i worked for a company called VERO Electronics and we sold this type of equipe. And there are rare inquiries for this as today.
  7. It's PAL and located in germany now. Because I'm not the first owner. Buyed around the beginning of 91. As mentioned on the first post it could be one produced in 1988. .
  8. Sorry, just waiting that my Sophia2 arrived. I'm waiting to see a picture after 12 years. Have to wait but can't wait. Question: On the first picture ther are som cable to a swith. there are 2 i know. One is for the High Chip, but the other one. Could it be part of a freezer? I have never used this switch. In a corner of my brain it say there must be a disk, but can't find. Some knows from a freezer like that?
  9. Thanks to all who answered. The first step a pm to Simius is out. Hope the XL is alive and not broken...
  10. Some picture of the density display and my COPY.CARD 7.0 for the wiring. Just for information if someone like me searching for that.
  11. With only an RF cable i can see nothing on my digital tv's. Think this is because of that, he will beep and there is a something that could be a picture. 1st question: after looking on the picture, is there enouph space to place a sophia 2 without soldering/de-soldering the RAM extension? 2nd question: is there someone in the EU who sell's new Sophia2? Only seeing it at thebrewingacademy. In the end, there should be an U1MB fjc version with a SIDE3 also fjc version. I know that all add-ons has to go for this. Normaly i would write to the ABBUC but their side are down, to ask if they know someone. in the 80s and 90s our club in bremen had a friendly contact to them.
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