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  1. Hi Mayhem, I must have missed your comment! Would you happen to have Ikari Warriors or/and commando? Honestly I eventually would like to get most of the 7800's line up. Thank you and let me know, -Ryley
  2. Hi guys! So I am new to collecting for the Atari 7800 and was wondering if there were any sites/stores that were good for Canadian collectors. I've made purchases on eBay before but it is always nice to have alternatives. Do you know of any stores/websites that have decent shipping in Canada? or is eBay our only real option? In my other forum post it seems like collectors in the States had some options like www.gameovervideogames.com, etc. - this is more or less what I am looking for! Thank you!
  3. I really liked Game over video games! However, I am in Canada and they do not ship here. Any Canadian recommendations? Regardless, thank you for your comment!
  4. Hi guys! So I recently purchased a 7800 and was wondering where the best place to purchase games is? I have purchased Xevious on ebay but I find the pickings to pretty slim for most games. Are there any good alternatives? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hahaha it seems like you are all much better than I am! I will get practicing!
  6. Buck rogers looked pretty cool! I will keep my eyes open for it at a decent price on ebay. Thank you!
  7. I’ve been on a bit of an Enduro kick lately! Admittedly, I’m not that good (yet). my all time high score is 3899 but I just took a photo of my most recent high score of 2475. can you beat it? post your screenshots below!
  8. Hi guys! I am new to the forums and have recently been getting back into collecting for my Atari 2600 jr. I have the classics such as Asteroids, Space Invaders, & Defender, but have recently purchased Solaris and it has quickly become one of my all time favorites. What are your favorite 2600 games? And do you have any recommendations for games similar to Solaris? Thank you!
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