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  1. It would appear that I've received a faulty Retrotink. After hours of testing it with both a shielded and unshielded SCART cable wired for C-sync and also testing various other video methods to ensure the horizontal line banding/wavy patterns I was seeing on screen weren't because of the console itself or due to badly wired cables, the problem definitely seems to be the actual unit.


    It really sucks when you spend hours troubleshooting something, let alone spending money to assist you in actually figuring out the problem. But, in the world of retro gaming and tech in general, I suppose this isn't an uncommon occurrence. On the bright side, I ended up getting a high quality shielded SCART cable and a brand new PSU during my troubleshooting process. Neither of those are bad things to get by any means.


    I'll update you guys in 1-2 weeks depending on how long it takes for my new unit to get here. I got it from videogameperfection.com, so hopefully this will be relatively hassle free. I just have to pay the return shipping cost for my current unit.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I did as well. Looked far worse than my $30 amazon S-Video upscaler. Returned it and haven't got another one. 

    2. RetroSonicHero


      @Rick Dangerous Damn, that's definitely not good. Hopefully this isn't a case where this batch of them are duds or something.

  2. Just ordered an Insurrection RGB SCART cable for my Mega Drive Model 1. This is gonna be my permanent solution for video output for my console from here-on-out. The cable has independent shielding for all the important parts such as the sync line, RGB video and audio, so analog interference should be minimal. (keep in mind, you'll always have SOME interference with an analog signal).


    Here's the link if you're interested, your best bet is going to be to order it as soon as you can as stock really doesn't last long:



    Oh yeah, it also has a 3.5mm jack connected to the main part as well. Meaning, you'll get stereo sound right from the headphone jack into your TV or monitor. Neat!

    1. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      Try the HD Retrovision cable. Get the adaptors for it and it becomes universal. I use mine on all 3 of my Mega Drives, my Mega Jet, my Nomad, my Super 32X, both of my Saturns, my PS2, my Neo Geo AES, my SuperGrafx + SSDS3 or my regular PC Engine + SSDS3, and I could even use it on either of my PS3s if I wanted to!

    2. RetroSonicHero


      @Steven Pendleton I'll definitely look into it. A universal option would simplify things for sure.

    3. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      Yeah, it's great, especially for those of us that live in places that do not have SCART, which is almost everywhere, while YPbPr can be found globally. Kind of annoying to swap a single cable between 6 trillion different systems, but since I only have room for 1 at a time on my desk anyway, no big deal, I suppose, as I have to almost completely tear everything apart to change systems anyway.

  3. My 3rd year of highschool starts tomorrow. I've been doing at home learning for about a year in a half, so it'll be interesting to actually return to campus.


    As such, I won't be spending as much time doing the 68k ASM stuff, but I haven't given up on that by any means. It's gonna be hella awkward to actually be there with other people considering how long I've been gone, but I'm sure everyone feels like that anyway.

    1. bluejay


      My second year of middle school started today. Well, it's actually technically the fourth year I spent in middle school, but differences in the schooling system between America and Korea resulted in me having to spend nearly 5 years in middle school.


      We don't have enough vaccines in Korea (hence not enough vaccinated people to resume normal life) and we're still doing online school. We were supposed to have full offline school for this semester but major outbreaks told us no.


      I've been trying to do wayyyy too many stuff at the same time recently. Learn Lua. Learn Blender. Learn x86 assembly (plotting to build an 8088 card for C128). Continue building my 6502 computer. Learn FPGA design to make an FPGA PlayStation 1 so I can put it inside a Satellaview case and build myself a Nintendo Playstation. Beat Breath of the Wild. It's just what happens to me if I'm given free time, I always get distracted by something else I could do in the time and I pretty much end of making slow progress on everything (but there still is some progress).


      Anyways. good luck to you. Hopefully you'll be able to stand two more years of public schooling to escape into the vast world that lies ahead.

    2. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      Wow, I didn´t know you were so young, bluejay. You are awfully intelligent for someone of your age. Kudos.


      I am sure you are intelligent too, RetroSonicHero. I just haven´t read enough posts of yours to tell.

    3. bluejay


      Thanks, but trust me, I've seen plenty of people my age that can do a lot more than I can. I'm just mediocre at everything. I mean, I can learn new stuff easily, but I have difficulty improving the skill to actually be able to do something useful with it.


      Meanwhile, RetroSonicHero has persistency. He learns a new thing and does something with it. That's impressive.

  4. Just replaced the PSU for my Genesis, and the problem appears to be resolved. The amount of analog noise is much smaller now and closer to what I'd expect out of a VA6.

    Overall, I'm pleased with this new power supply. It can take inputs from 100-240V and outputs DC 9V 5.0A with a center negative polarity. Which is everything that a Model 1 Genesis needs. (it only needs 1.2 amps, but having more than that isn't a concern as the console will only take what it requires).


    Here's the listing page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Genesis-Nintendo-TurboGrafx-Original-Replacement-cord/dp/B082TXYS1C/ref=sr_1_12?dchild



    This will also work with a Super Nintendo, PC Engine/TuroGrafix, SEGA CD, and the Neo Geo AES. Region also doesn't matter, as it will accept inputs from any region's voltage and supply your console with the correct amount of power it needs. I've used it with my Japanese Model 1 Mega Drive and it works perfectly. It looks generic, but it actually works really well and I'm impressed how good it is considering the price. Definitely consider picking it up if you need a new PSU, or don't want to take the risk of using an old one.


    Link for if you need one for a Model 2/3, Nomad, 32x, CDX, Game Gear (only for model 2110), PC Engine Duo-R and RX, Wondermega, or JVC X'Eye:



    I felt like those needed to be listed as well cause I know for a fact that some of y'all are crazy about your SEGA collection...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RetroSonicHero


      UPDATE: I've went ahead and also shaved some of the pins down on the SCART cable a little bit, I think that was causing issues as well. It seems to be a bit more clear now.

    3. GoldLeader


      You got that FAST!   Must be a PRIME member...Myself, I've been downgraded to Amazon USDA Choice Select hahha...

    4. RetroSonicHero


      @GoldLeader Heh. Yeah, I've got prime. It comes in handy when stuff like this happens.

  5. Just realized that my Mega Drive's power supply is failing... All this time I was thinking that the visual artifacts I was seeing were from my SCART cable, but I realized that was unlikely considering that it's wired for Composite Sync, not Sync-Over-Composite. Plus, the weird visual affects would get worse the longer I had the console plugged in.


    Anyhow, I'm keeping my console unplugged for now until I source a replacement. You absolutely don't wanna fuck with finnicky power supplies. It's a pain cause I hate ordering stuff and waiting for it to come, but this is 1000x better than trying to use this weird PSU and hope for the best.


    For all I know, this could've been the case the whole time I had the cheapo HDMI converter, but I wasn't able to notice it until I got a more clear RGB signal.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TwentySixHundred


      Yep a bad PSU can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful artifacts. They're getting to the age now where failure is becoming more common. Many people tend to overlook PSU's when doing cap replacements to their board.

    3. zetastrike


      I have a box full of mk-1602 and mk-2103 psu's that I'm increasingly more hesitant to use.  I feel better using modern replacements from retrogamecave.

    4. RetroSonicHero


      @bluejay Yeah, like Twenty said, they're at the point where failure is common. Thankfully though, unlike some other consoles, they're VERY unlikely to spontaneously combust. Generally they'll just display graphical artifacts such as wavy lines moving down the screen, and then eventually they'll just stop working.


      I think the best course of action is to just be using modern replacements from here on out. As long as it matches the specs the console needs and is well made, you're better off using that.

  6. My Retrotink 2x SCART just came today..... and I genuinely cannot believe how fantastic the image quality is.


    I've been using it with my Model 1 Mega Drive, and it does an excellent job at line-doubling the image to look great on my 1080p monitor. I really can't recommend this device enough to people who want a good and simple solution to get their retro consoles to look good on modern displays. (Definitely research beforehand what model suits your needs best, though). It's certainly an ENORMOUS step-up from my cheapo HDMI converter that I was using before..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RetroSonicHero


      @Hydro Thunder Yep. RGB SCART going into HDMI out, which is then connected to my 1080p monitor.


      The 5x is an amazing choice as well if you're willing to spend the money, I've heard great things about it. I'm really loving the 2x though, it might be the way to go due to the price difference.


      There's also plenty of different choices for the 2X depending on your needs. I got the specific SCART version because I figured it would be more convenient for my setup. However, there's also ones like the Pro which do S Video, Component, and AV. That might be the way to go depending on your configuration or what consoles you're using it for.

    3. GoldLeader


      Awesome!  I have a Retro Tink 2X SCART and a Retro Tink 2X PRO, and They are Amazing!  I mainly got the SCART for my PC Engine Duo-R...

    4. RetroSonicHero


      @GoldLeader Yeah, I basically got mine for my Genesis. I figured it would be more convenient to source out an RGB SCART cable than try to find something like a Component cable for it. Which are also being made, but only by a couple different sources and they're much harder to find in stock.


      I do definitely wanna check out the PC Engine at some point though..

  7. That's very cool. I'd consider getting it if I, you know, had the space. My room really isn't that large... Either way, something like this would be a really cool thing to have in your collection. The majority of these things really aren't that easy to come by.
  8. I'm pretty sure the original had it as well actually. @14:20 is where you can hear Larry mention it directly, in this video at least.
  9. That's where I got it from too. I think he has great content overall, but he'll make a couple of slips here and there. I was repeating what he stated because that was before I knew that he wasn't always accurate about facts like that. My mistake for not researching it after the fact. I've learned that people like LGR or The 8-bit Guy are much better at providing accurate information that we know was obtained from heavy researching beforehand.
  10. Yeah, I had watched a video a while ago that labeled it as the "final build". I myself haven't been able to find it, so I think that video mislabeled it. What I do know though is that there's a beta build that plays similarly to Virtua Fighter, and that one's pretty widely regarded. (it doesn't have very many moves, but it plays faster overall)
  11. Easy to do overall. There's really not a lot going on.
  12. Alright, cool. I was having issues coming across this information so I'm glad we have many options for what build we want to play.
  13. That would be pretty cool. Sadly, I've looked at it again and I'm actually not sure if this build is actually real. What I do know is that there is one labeled "Fight for Life Beta", perhaps that's the one? I heard it has quite a few differences from what was released.
  14. I don't think the JagCD would've been a large factor in the system's success. Like others have mentioned, it would've gone against the entire design philosophy of the Jaguar to begin with if that's what they relied on. In my opinion, Atari's biggest mistake(s) were down to prioritization. For one, if you look at their marketing strategies, all they really had going for them were their "oooooooo 64 bit" commercials. And that really wasn't adequate enough to be compelling to consumers. Sure, all the kids in the 90s knew about the bit wars, but that doesn't mean a whole lot when the majority didn't know what they were to begin with. It was impressive for the time, but it didn't really mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. The system also wasn't well equipped for the future as well. They were still rocking the 68000, for one. And while that'd been proven to be a more than competent microprocessor, it just wasn't up to snuff compared to what the competition would later do. Hell, the 3DO had been out for a month already, and had equally, if not, more impressive specs. Thanks to its 32-bit RISC CPU among other things. That was already bad enough, but the PS1 was also on the horizon. Which was the final nail in the coffin. If Atari did a couple of things differently, perhaps the system could've stood a chance. The hardware just wasn't equipped for future proofing and ensuring that 3rd party developers would be willing to understand how to program for it optimally and release games for many years to come. Keep in mind that Atari was still carrying baggage because of the unsuccessful 5200, 7800, and Lynx. I'm sure that put some 3rd parties off when considering if whether or not they should develop for the Jaguar. In general, the higher ups of Atari also made some really questionable decisions. The example that comes to mind is "Fight for Life", the last game to be officially released for the console. Atari had promised the developer decent pay, but after a certain about of time, they just decided to stop paying him. His response was to send them an unfinished build of the game, and that's the version that was officially released. We didn't see the final product until many years later where the developer shared it with us online. It's decisions like this that really make you wonder what was going through the higher up's heads.
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