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  1. I found now a bomb icon on the internet. Thank's for your help!
  2. Hmm... with the emulation is a very good Idea! And how I can get the bomb and bee?
  3. Thank you for you links but that's not really what I'm looking for. That a native apps for the ST but I'm need a tool for Windows or better Linux.
  4. Hi there! Is there a possibility to extract the TOS/GEM icons from the TOS image? I want to create a small info page in the TOS style. I googled a lot but didn't find any icon packages.
  5. @ParanoidLittleMan Hmm... Okay I think I give up. So I bought the caps in vain. I think I buy a Gotek. Any experiences with it or something you can tell me about it? Btw. I tested already some different disks but it's always the same issue.
  6. Hello again! I checked today the voltages. A proper +5V and +12V voltages is coming from the PSU. On the FDD power plug is a voltage of 4.7V without FDD connected. When I connect the FDD it's 4.6V. I also recapped the FDD today and at the first test I got the same result as already mentioned. The LED on the FDD and the Keyboard lights up for approx 2-3 seconds and only the platter is permanently spinning. So I disconnected the FDD and traced a bit of contact spray in the floppy cable connector. After that the FDD is now recognized again. But now the same issue: It doesn't read floppys any more and I have no clue why. Here a video of it (stored on my private cloud): https://cloud.jotoma.de/f/8269f19c37ab4ec2bebc/ I know the best thing is to try another FDD but I have only a 1.4MB FDD here. Exxos sells a Diagnostic Cart but I don't know if I should buy this first or a new used FDD. And I also know that there are some alternatives but I want to keep the floppy feeling. What do you recommend me? Ah btw. I have schematics of my 1040 STFM.
  7. In my case it's also fresh re-capped. But I will also check it.
  8. Hi! I have the same issue but additional issues with the floppy drive. First a small prehistory: At this time I want to resurrect my ATARI 1040 STFM. First I re-capped my SC1224 monitor and then the 1040 STFM. In after the first test boot the drive is done some delayed single read actions. But it's similar if it's a floppy in the drive or not. So I dismounted the drive and checked connections and the PCB. I found nothing so I've putted it in back and wanted to try something. Now the drive isn't do something any more. So I checked the PCB and all solder points with a magnifier and found a broken solder point. So I fixed the point and putted the drive back in. Now the LED is light a short time as normal on the drive and the keyboard and the platter is spinning. But the platter doesn't stop spinning any more. It's also similar if it's a floppy in or not. I also re-soldered all solder points on the main PCB (TDK-T4IV) but it changed nothing. My floppy drive is an Atari/Chinon D357 720K FDD (TDK-T4IV). It was bought in the 1990's as replacement for the broken stock FDD that my father damaged because he tried to get out a stuck floppy and had destroyed the head. In fact that the electrolytic capacitors are very old I will re-cap the drive next days. And I hope it will fix the issue. But maybe someone know this issue and got some tips or infos about this for me and RichAtari?
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