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  1. Thank you, Michael! You gave me a new hope for my CoCo 3! I saw a couple of DMP-130s still working and a reasonable price. I will look for one.
  2. We are all ready and waiting... please keep us posted!
  3. I am not certain if they share the same printhead. It's a square one, connected by a flat cable. I will try to have a picture of the printhead to give you an idea.
  4. Thank you, Michael! Just a question: Does the DMP-130 has the DIN port? That's my main concern and that's why I was trying to recover the 107.
  5. Greetings, community! I have a full CoCo 3 system, including the Tandy DMP-107 dot-matrix printer. Some time ago, the printhead was damaged and the printer is useless, even though the auto test works fine moving the printhead and trying to print, but nothing. Does anyone knows where to find a replacement for the printhead? Original or compatible, I'm not picky I tried several websites and they have other models, but not the DMP-107, it was a little basic dot-matrix printer, perfect for the CoCo. I really want to have my whole system back online. The CoCo, the floppy drive, even the mouse and the joysticks work fine, and I have some software, original and from The Rainbow magazine, that requires printer. I will appreciate some help! Thanks! Alberto.
  6. I'm eager to have one of those keyboards!!! Please let us know when and how to have one!!
  7. Hi! I'm also in the club of the broken CoCo3 keyboards! Please put me on the list for one of your orange keyboards!! Please let me know how to have one. Thanks!
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