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  1. I've been working on building a retropie into an Atari Flashback case. I'm almost done, but I just wanted to share this startup screen that I made using the Atari 2600 label maker website, if anyone else would like it.
  2. I won a Goodwill auction of a 50 game lot of 2600 carts. I just got started putting back together my old 2600 collection, when I found this lot and it seemed like a good deal. A few doubles in there, but quite a variety. Honestly when I first saw them, I didn't realize that "Smurfs Save the Day" was rare. I found out looking through the guide on here. I know I need the Kid Vid and the tapes to play it, but it was a nice bonus to this collection.... The Rarity guide says you're supposed to brag for an 8, so that's what this is. 🙂
  3. I assume nothing ever came of this. Searching the web and this forum I haven't found anyone who makes these labels... does anyone know where I could get a set of these? My old Lynx I is in need of a cleanup, and these decals would be great.
  4. I cannot make out any digits before the B on my Lynx I, if there are any.... but it definitely ends B1002851
  5. mwyounce

    Everon Lynx?

    I saw this thread and was just about to mention that I first heard about the EVERON system when I emailed Atari (25 years ago next month…) because I was looking for games for my old lynx, and got a response with a “fire sale”. But I see it’s recorded for posterity on that link. I printed out the email and stuck it in an Atari binder that I bought in that sale (Along with APB, Chips Challenge, PacLand, Pinball Jam, and California Games). I just pulled out my lynx and 2600 after years and decided to get them running again. Funny to see that discussion right after getting started again and just joining up atariage.
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