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  1. I believe I saw a list of known fishers, scammers, or something like that somewhere in the forum. I don’t recall if it was here in the Atari section or the Marketplace.

    Probably a good place to include this one.

  2. Thanks Sugarland, yes I plan to retrobright, but the main reason to disassemble is because of the smoke smell on this thing. It’s really bad 🤢 I almost threw the drive away, but it deserves to be cleaned and have an extended life.

    Pulling the latch was the first thing I tried and failed. I also tried a small pry, but I stopped before breaking the plastic.


    I wonder if the smoke fumes solidified underneath the latch making things tougher to pull. Any tips to remove cigarette smell are also welcome.

    I’m thinking an ultrasonic bath may do the job with the guts of the driver.

    The plastic parts (except the front and the latch) I’m already cleaning with water and soap before the retrobright dance.


  3. Hello,


    today I got my first XF551 and the poor guy needs some whitening.


    I already got the top and bottom cover out but I’m having trouble to remove the disk drive latch without breaking it.

    And if I don’t remove that I’m not able to remove the plastic front either.


    I’m attaching a picture for your reference.  

    Any tips you can share is highly appreciated.












  4. from the 80s, if I need to pick up 3 DOS games, they are actually ports from Amiga and AppleII, but I played first on DOS and spent *many* delightful hours on my dad’s 286 SX 25MHz (on CGA) and later on my own 386 DX 40MHz with SVGA monitor, Trident video card and Creative Sound Blaster (what a difference):


    Battle Chess
    Maniac Mansion

    Prince of Persia


  5. On 7/1/2021 at 8:07 PM, DavidMil said:

    I would still like to see what is inside of that cartridge.



    me too @DavidMil


    I even asked the seller if he would sell only that cartridge, but looks like he sold the whole lot already $$$ 





  6. 24 minutes ago, BIGHMW said:

    I'm no tech guy but I'll try the trim pot on Asteroids and see what happens with the calibration, otherwise it just may simply need just a re-port/conversion of the 400/800 version.

    On 7/1/2021 at 6:41 AM, Stephen said:

    All it needs is a simple re-port

    Can you please refrain from using  the “simple re-port” term ?


    If you want someone to actually do this work show some courtesy and appreciation for the work, after all you are not a “tech guy” :)





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  7. Jumpstart by Logic One



    The Jumpstart Module is a cartridge with a small push button on the top. Although it plugs into the cartridge slot, it uses no memory. The module works as advertised. You simply hold down that button and press [RESET]. It's more convenient on the 800XL than the XE because of the location of the cartridge slots. Unfortunately, you can't use the Jumpstart Module with other cartridges.

    The Jumpstart Module works by telling the OS that a cartridge has been inserted. That forces a coldstart, but it can also confuse the computer about the cartridge status. Sometimes this causes a problem and you must press [RESET] again. To prevent confusion, I find that an always reliable method is to press [RESET] a second time (without the Jumpstart switch) as soon as the disk starts to spin.

    The Jumpstart Module is not exactly the same as a hardware generated coldstart. The Jumpstart Module uses the OS to reset the computer. In a very severe program crash, the OS might not be able to regain control. A true hardware reset, like turning the computer off, then on again, will always reset the computer.



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