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  1. It sounds like you're comparing a shitty tube to what you have now. There is a world of difference between a cheap consumer grade tube and a professional studio monitor with component / RGB. I don't think many of the people above are rocking RF 😀 I found the framemiester practically unusable when I had mine due to the latency. OK for certain games but forget about shooters or fighters. The OSSC is as good as modern panels will allow regarding lag.
  2. Clear buttons tend to be harder as well. Once they get some wear, they might start to squeak.
  3. Emulators are for noobs.
  4. Yeah haha! Who the hell uses their left hand to control movement in games?! 🤔
  5. Never say never, but I barely have time to sleep at the moment. Lockdown was not kind to my finances.
  6. Someone get CJ on the case! 😄
  7. I wonder if it would be possible to hack rapid fire into the ROM?
  8. Sound easy enough. Any takers?
  9. It has a hawt girl in it. It's obviously a good game 😁
  10. This ^ I have a single, high quality, 9v 3amp PSU powering all 4 of my 9v machines that I have set up.
  11. It looks like polycarbonate, so should be fairly easy to cut a cartridge hole in the top.
  12. Yeah boi! CRT for me too. Occasionally the big Samsung gets used via OSSC for multiplayer, but 99%of the time it's my 17" JVC DTV. I tend to play games on the CRT while watching stuff in the background on the big panel. Gummy eye view right now:
  13. Damn! I'd love to see a 43 foot TV!
  14. Digital is for noobs. Real men keep it analog.
  15. Agreed. Rotary and/or mouse support would be epic.
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