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  1. Yes! Looks awesome! I'm still looking forward to this 😊
  2. Damn! That be some quality work! Really nice job, man.
  3. I wouldn't hold my breath for that, bud. 😜
  4. Just like it did with other old consoles. Wait... 😏
  5. I hope your wallet is in good shape, bud. A sealed Atari Karts is likely to sting.
  6. I'd have ejected from that meeting I reckon 😂
  7. It sounds like you're comparing a shitty tube to what you have now. There is a world of difference between a cheap consumer grade tube and a professional studio monitor with component / RGB. I don't think many of the people above are rocking RF 😀 I found the framemiester practically unusable when I had mine due to the latency. OK for certain games but forget about shooters or fighters. The OSSC is as good as modern panels will allow regarding lag.
  8. Clear buttons tend to be harder as well. Once they get some wear, they might start to squeak.
  9. Emulators are for noobs.
  10. Yeah haha! Who the hell uses their left hand to control movement in games?! 🤔
  11. Never say never, but I barely have time to sleep at the moment. Lockdown was not kind to my finances.
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