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  1. Well that really sucks... I was planning on getting the new Reboot games and a Jag GD soon... 🙁
  2. Some absolute legend made a handy guide for cleaning contacts! (don't blow on them...)
  3. Yeah! Super Metroid is one of my all time faves. Something like this on the Jag would be very welcome.
  4. I'd rather play with a dog shit and a lollypop stick.
  5. What a bargain! Minutes of fun can be had for such a low price!
  6. We're the molds ever re-tooled to include the back panel?
  7. Rayman is a real nice example of the Jags 2D prowess.
  8. Yeah, Atari seemed to make 10 pads to every 1 console. Weird.
  9. Did you ever play Blue Lightning on the Lynx? That be the REAL Blue Lightning!
  10. The rubber grommets that isolate the CD drive to stop it from vibrating the system.
  11. I call bullshit. Nobody is stupid enough to trash a game which fetches a minimum of 50 bucks for a loose cart. And if you did, you're a tool.
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