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  1. Accept no substitutes. 🙂 All you need is the real deal and an OSSC for the HDMI experience. I rock the CRT 90% of the time, but the OSSC and 65" LCD are used for multiplayer.
  2. Bummer. It's possible that the pins in the cart connector have been weakened. In which case just try jiggling the cart a bit or pulling it out or to either side slightly as was suggested above. Only a matter of time though before the slot is no longer any use at all. You can get replacement cart connectors for the Jag, but it's supposedly a boss level install. If course, it could be something completely different that is the issue.
  3. No it's not normal. Try cleaning your slot and carts properly:
  4. That would explain why CD consoles like the Mega CD, Saturn and PS1 are region free. Wait....
  5. It certainly looks really nice!
  6. On the topic of how kart racers 'should' be done, I've just started playing Konami Krazy Racers on Gameboy Advance. It's freaking awesome. It might actually be better than MK Super Circuit. It also made me lament what a missed opportunity Atari Karts was... It's an ok game, but it could have been so much more.
  7. Coming along nicely!
  8. I-War bonus stage. Bangin' tune. The trouble with all these suggestions is that they already have drums.
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