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  1. He doubtless would have if he hadn't been banned. Lol
  2. That just shows him to be a biased a-hole, pandering to what he perceives to be the popular 'pile-on' mentality.
  3. Uh oh! Albert's in here now! I hear the jingling of chains and keys...
  4. Is that a requirement? Krikzz has better things to do than spending years designing and building from scratch a full FPGA system based on your dreams, which hasn't a hope of breaking even let alone turning a profit. "Terraunion" will be too busy making great devices and then dropping them like they're hot and providing the worst possible support. And why are you so fixated on the case guy? The guy who owns the molds doesn't own the rights to the design. Why do you even need the molds when you are making a mini case? Why worry about the legality of the case when you clearly don't grasp the legality of the software? Or, y'know, anything.
  5. Just need that elusive ability-wise and you're all set! Go get 'em champ!
  6. I smell conspiracy! Bill is secretly planning to make a Jag mini but now he knows that you will definitely do one! And it'll be on Amazon next week! 😳
  7. Can somebody please help this clown with the damn shell molds so he can waste his life savings already? There's none so deaf as those that won't hear.
  8. I wonder if there's a nude code... A friend wants to know.
  9. This looks sweet! Congrats on your first release and for making the Jag's new mascot in the process 😉
  10. Not normal, no. I use the official atari peritel (SCART) cable with my US Jag and it exhibits none of these issues.
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