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  1. I wonder if there's a nude code... A friend wants to know.
  2. This looks sweet! Congrats on your first release and for making the Jag's new mascot in the process 😉
  3. Not normal, no. I use the official atari peritel (SCART) cable with my US Jag and it exhibits none of these issues.
  4. Glad it worked out for you 😊
  5. Leave a cart in there. It's fine.
  6. It's not a bug. The arrow rings only shift you upwards or downwards a set amount, and the position on the arrow ring that you fly through determines the start of the altitude shift. For example, if you need to go higher to reach higher rings, but you hit the bottom of the arrow ring, you might not actually get high enough. Try flying through the top of the arrow ring in this instance. Conversely: fly through the bottom of downward arrow rings to get lower.
  7. Damn these look sweet! I'll definitely be picking one of these up at some point. I've been meaning to grab a repro Pro controller for a while, might as well get one of these RF beauties.
  8. And YOU forgot to bump a 6 year old thread. Oh no, wait ... You got it
  9. Well that really sucks... I was planning on getting the new Reboot games and a Jag GD soon... 🙁
  10. Some absolute legend made a handy guide for cleaning contacts! (don't blow on them...)
  11. Yeah! Super Metroid is one of my all time faves. Something like this on the Jag would be very welcome.
  12. I'd rather play with a dog shit and a lollypop stick.
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