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  1. Thank you. @SpiceWare @OmegaMatrix. Alberto
  2. Hi , i want dispaly 3 sprites of 16 bits width with 3 different colors (one each sprite) I try in many mode but i'm able to set only 2 different colors. This is my code. Can someone to suggest some tricks/method to reach the goal? (if it's possible) Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my bad english 🙂 Regards Alberto Test3Sprites.asm
  3. Thank you all. @ZeroPage I have room in the binary but not ram. Probably with a good optimizaption it's possible to add two player option (may be next release :-) Regards Alberto
  4. Hi, this is my version of famous memory game. My version has 18 pairs (36 tiles ) that you must find to clear the screen. You have a maximum numbers of attemps (on the left) to discover the correct pair and the counter decreases on wrong pair. When the counter displays 0 attemps, any next error generates "Game Over" You have 35 attemps on difficulty B (not easy 🙂 and 20 to difficulty A (hard) to complete the game. Use the joystick to select tile than press fire to discover. On the right there is your score. Every pairs give you 2 points. If you complete the game the remain attemps will be added to increase your total score. Rergards Alberto memory.bin
  5. jab

    Cards Game

    Thanks @Philsan
  6. Hi, this is my second atari 2600 game. It's a simple and (hope) funny cards game where you play against the computer. Each player has 3 cards (the deck has 36 cards: 12 scissors, 12 papers and 12 rocks). Who has the turn plays first (select one of three cards) then the other player plays his card. The rules are simple: If two cards are equals (ex: 2 scissor) the turn doesn't change and who played first gets 1 point. If two cards are differents, the turn and 2 point go to the player who played winning card follow this rules - Scissor wins to the Paper - Paper wins to the Rock - Rock wins to the Scissor. If you collect three same cards (Ex: 3 rocks) you get a bonus. In a game you can collect a maximum of 3 bonuses (1 for type) and each bonus give you 3 points at the end. All 3 bonus give you 10 points. At the end of game simple press fire to restart. On the left there is your score and on the right the cpu score. Under scores the bonus collected will be displayed. Regards Alberto. SciRoPa.bin
  7. jab

    Words Game

    thanks for your feedback Alberto
  8. Hi, ithis is my first post on this forum. Sorry for my bad english ( i'm italian). I make my first atari 2660 game and it's a word's game. it's very simple, you must find the correct word using all the shuffled letter on the screen before the timer expires. Select the letter moving the joystick on left ot right then press fire. if the word is correct the score increases, if it's wrong it will be reset to the initial position. if you fire on empty letter, the word resets to the initial position. If the timer expired, the correct word will be displayed then press fire to proceed. Every level has five words (5-6-7-8 and 9 letters). to proceed to next level you must reach a minimal score: score >= 18 ; lev 1 --> 2 score >= 38 ; lev 2 --> 3 score >= 63 ; lev 3 --> 4 score >= 91 ; lev 4 --> 5 score >= 122 ; lev 5 --> 6 score >= 158 ; lev 6 --> 7 score >= 196 ; lev 7 --> 8 score >= 240 ; lev 8 --> 9 The game includes 140 words of 5 letters, 140 words of 6 letters, 126 of 7 letters, 78 of 8 letters and 41 of 9 letters. If you want to try, i attach the game. Best regards Alberto wordGameSL.bin
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