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  1. Yeah my task manager shows stock settings. What subtle change? What do I need to do?
  2. My VCS is showing default settings after the latest update. Went into the BIOS and it shows my RAM speed is still increased, as well as the dedicated VRAM and CPU wattage. Also the BIOS password is still the same so what the hell happened? Somebody help.
  3. I would like to see some Atari Jaguar games redone. Kasumi Ninja, Tempest 5k, Defender, Cybermorph/Battlemorph, Alien vs Predator, and others that were cancelled would be nice to see happen.
  4. I would go to your nearest Microcenter and get one in person.
  5. I maxed mine out with 32gb 2666mhz RAM as well as added a 1tb m.2 SSD. But I recommend getting 16gb 3200mhz RAM and overclocking it in the bios. You can overclock the RAM in the bios very easily as well as up the VRAM and CPU wattage. Those things will help out a lot.
  6. Don't tell anyone to shut up man and watch your language. There are kids around here. Who talks like that? If those "teeny boppers" are potential customers and the ones paying that company's bills, then what does it matter? The reason the Atari brand can't break into mainstream relevance today is because it has a stigma with old people. The point is this company needs to get with the times and start appealing to younger generations of it wants to not just survive but thrive and grow.
  7. I don't know how that's damage control when the company is already at rock bottom. No where to go but up for them at this point. At least 8k people didn't even know Atari was still a thing and making consoles because of Soulja Boy. Sometimes you gotta take your wins where you can get em.
  8. Damn, way to throw the guy under the bus after all that free advertising. Atari's Instagram account gained at least 8k followers in a day because of Soulja Boy. They're probably after his money though... Pretty sad that Soulja Boy has done a better job in 1 day as fake CEO than some of the clowns running Atari recently. We have yet to hear a word from the actual CEO about anything. How hard is it to introduce yourself, acknowledge your role, and talk about your future plans for the company?
  9. Bro I doubt you even go to parties... It's called he got old like everybody else, and people moved on. New generations of kids don't listen to old people on the radio no matter how big they used to be. Even bigger artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and others you don't hear on the radio anymore.
  10. He's got 6.5 million followers on Instagram. I don't think that's really irrelevant. Plus, a lot of rappers from that era have fallen off but he's more focused on business and other things now.
  11. There has been no official announcement from Atari, he probably wasn't supposed to say anything about it yet. But I mean at this point he could probably do a better job running the company than the bean counters running it currently. Maybe he can inject some of his money and make the brand relevant again.
  12. I have 32GB RAM in mine overclocked with no problems. The RAM is rated for 2666mhz.
  13. I'm not throwing around my service, they think I'm making stuff up so I properly introduced myself. I am new here. Are you a combat veteran? I have deployed but what does it matter to you how I served? I still served honorably and have had to spend time away from family and friends. So if I'm not dead I don't have a right to smile and take a nice picture? What sense does that make? And no it wasn't in front the NEX or Exchange/AAFES... I think it's an awesome system, try telling them that. I said some nice things about the VCS and am getting a lot of nasty, uncalled for comments, and personal attacks. Some of these people are just crazy and can't be reasoned with.
  14. Oh yeah because shopping at Big Lots definitely screams wealth, success, and a high I.Q...
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