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  1. Hi mozzwald, you want a debug? That requires effort on my part. So prior to my reading your response, I took the other approach and simply rummaged through all those micro SD cards I have in all those IoT devices and started checking what would work and what would not work. Here is what I have found thus far. Transcend SD cards do not work in my Fujinet in any size and still no joy after adjusting allocation unit settings. Sandisk SD cards - 8, 16, and 32GB work out of the box on fat32. This is clearly a safe bet for use with the Fujinet 1.3 PNY SD card - 16GB works out of the box on fat32. In my case the Sandisk card(s) resolved my issue and I will just throw that in as a compatible card for use. Only had the one PNY card to test but it offered positive results as well. I hope this helps others who come across this issue. Thanks
  2. I'm having the same issue with my new Fujinet 1.3. Does not matter what size SD card I insert and does not show any info except 0 for size and free space in the web screen. All other functions seem to work great so far. This makes me wonder if this is more of a board manufacture issue. I just purchased from The Brewing Academy and may send them a note just to be sure I haven't missed something. Flashed the latest firmware to no avail. If a solder joint for the micro SD slot was missed, that would certainly explain this behavior. I would like to know if others have had this issue and found it to be more a hardware issue then system.
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