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  1. I got the red Jaguar logo screen when I tried to start up Aliens vs Predator today. I did the memory test (keeping the PAUSE button down when starting up Jaguar) and the GD didn't give me an error when testing. My original Aliens vs Predator cartridge works every time I tested it today. I tried to update the firmware to 1.11 but Game Drive wouldn't update it when I pressed the OPTION button. I never had this problem updating to firmware 1.10. Tried testing the free digital game roms from SAG that came with my purchase and those got the same red Jaguar logo screen. The Jaguar Game Drive boots up and loads to the menu normally. Looking to get this replaced at SAG since it's a 5 month after purchase.
  2. On the Jaguar GD, I found a way to start up Blue lightning and Battle Morph more reliably after the first time playing. I would configure my memory card with two folders (CD Games Set1 and CD Games Set2). Then, I would place the same CD games in both folders and copy one at a time to configure it). The CD Games Set1 would be my main game folder to always use first. If Blue Lightning or Battle Morph would boot to a black screen in CD Games Set1, I would go to the CD Game Set2 folder and boot the same game again. 100% of the time, the same game would boot to a black screen in CD Games Set2. As a final step, I would go back to CD Games Set1 and the game would start up just fine. I'm guessing that there's some type of residual system memory error somewhere whenever the Jaguar is turned off after playing these games. This method seem to be working for me every time and hopefully for you as well until a fix is created. I also found out that Blue lighting would not boot when I used a 32 GB SanDisk Ultra A1 (gray label) SD card. The 16GB SanDisk Ultra A1 (gray label) version works without any problems. SainT, thanks for creating an awesome device.
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