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  1. I’m new here after an looong Atari hiatus. Thanks for creating this 8K version. I’m a physical media kind of guy - is there any way to get a cartridge of this?
  2. Ok so I stand corrected but that’s only once it was released on Flashback. I guess my point is, it’s a great game and got no regular release like the others.
  3. I just discovered Food Fight on my Atari Retro handheld device. This is a fun game. Just wondering why this awesome game never got any other releases on Atari Flashback or even the VCS with Atari Vault?
  4. Thanks for the information and in- depth reply Superkitten. I really appreciate it. I may look into those Trooper 2 joysticks.
  5. My Atari 2600 Jr was bought second hand and came with a Commodore joystick and one other one that has rapid fire on it. I would like to get a joystick that looks and feels like the official Atari ones (cx10/40). I notice there are a lot of imitation 2600 joysticks on Amazon/eBay and the reviews on some are good (ie telling you to avoid them) but others have no reviews. I’d like to buy one of these but if there a complied list telling you which ones are good/bad? I know this is impractical for a single person to buy every single one and do a comparison but does anyone have any advice? Sorry if this has been asked before, I quickly searched through the threads on this forum and couldn’t find anything.
  6. I honestly don’t remember this computer released in Australia. Do any other Aussies on here? Also, if I was to buy one off eBay it would be from the USA so does anyone know how to get an Australian power adapter?
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