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  1. Thanks for the responses. @justclaws: 2. Yes, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS would be compatible, but remove all unnecessary services, like the VCS. I am new to Linux. Any pointers on how to pare it down to the essentials? 3. It is possible to overwrite the VCS system software, as it's just an eMMC, but not a good idea I should have been more clear: I guess what I am looking for is a way to install another OS side by side with the Atari OS, so I can easily choose between the two for development. Based on what I have now read, that doesn't seem to be the case. I'd settle for an external drive with a switch on it: flip it on to autoboot into ubuntu, flip it off to boot into Atari OS. 4. The only Unreal developer I know of, is a hobby developer, who was working on "PitFOOL VCS", but he got the Classic joystick spinner working in his demo. I did come across those posts since I originally created the thread. I believe he wasn't deploying to the hardware, and instead running off of his Mac/PC. I imagine he got the Atari stick working using the RawInput plugin in Unreal. Cool, though! At least I am not totally alone here. Not much more work from me on VCS dev at this point. Looking forward to tinkering on the weekend.
  2. Just got my hands on a VCS. Been combing through these forums a bit and doing a lot of (not very fruitful) googling for info on developing for the device. I am using Unreal Engine. I signed up for the dev program late last week, but haven't heard back yet. A few questions: Atari says "Any Atari VCS device can be a development kit." Thus far, I haven't come across any info regarding putting the machine into a developer mode under which one could install their builds into a sandboxed Launcher UI of the AtariOS. Does a developer mode or similar exist? As a test, I have packaged one of the default Unreal Engine template projects on PC for Linux using the engine's cross compiling features. I can run it on the device by booting into Ubuntu off of another USB stick. In the absence of a developer mode, is Ubuntu the best/closest/most accurate Linux distro to run on? Based on the info I've come across thus far, it doesn't seem like there is a way to install an OS directly to the onboard storage. Is booting from a USB stick how devs are creating games for the device thus far? As a test, I have packaged one of the default Unreal Engine template projects on PC for Linux using the engine's cross compiling features. I can manually copy this to a USB stick, copy it to the instance of Ubuntu running off of another USB stick, but this is very time consuming and I am not sure this provides the best indication of performance on the device. I am working on getting UE's Project Manager to be able to deploy direct to the machine, but have hit a few roadblocks. Any other Unreal VCS devs out there? How are you deploying efficiently? General: I thought saw mention of an Atari Discord that is disseminating information. Anyone have a link to VCS specific or official Discord servers? General: with just a small nudge or tug on the cord, my VCS loses power. Has anyone found the power supply to be flakey?
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