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  1. I opened up the machine last night; turns out all it needed was for me to reseat the RAM and CPU cards. Working fine now
  2. Hello. I recently obtained an Atari 400 labelled as "working". Upon setting everything up, it will only display a green screen. Every time I turn it on, it only displays a green screen. Where should I go from here? What are the most likely causes that I should investigate? Some more info I forgot to include: 1. A green screen is displayed 100% of the time so far. Never a black screen / anything else like some other posts I have seen. 2. I have tried inserting various cartridges, however something is wrong as carts do not click in all the way on this machine (tested and work fine on my other 400). So, I am not sure how to test other functions of the machine using carts until I can figure out this problem. 3. I have used the power supply with another Atari 400 which works fine.
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