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  1. So how does that work? are there any examples anywhere of how to do that?
  2. I forgot to ask... is it possible to only scroll the top half the screen? The bottom half will have game stats that I don't want to scroll
  3. Thank you Nanochess!! I had a feeling I was suppose to advance something by 19 but couldn't figure out what.
  4. Here is the code I am using: LANDSCAPE_WIDTH = 100 'increase x 20 muv = 80 'increase x 20 wait SCREEN screen_0, muv, 0, BACKGROUND_COLUMNS, BACKGROUND_ROWS, LANDSCAPE_WIDTH game_loop: if cont1.left then wait wait wait scroll 1,1,1 muv = muv - 1 SCREEN screen_0, muv, 0, 1, BACKGROUND_ROWS, LANDSCAPE_WIDTH 'wait end if if cont1.right then wait wait wait scroll 1,1,2 muv = muv + 1 if muv >= 99 then muv = 80 'increase x 20 SCREEN screen_0, muv, 19, 1, BACKGROUND_ROWS, LANDSCAPE_WIDTH 'wait end if wait goto game_loop
  5. Still working on scrolling… i started this new game based on a C64 game. It has a person walking on a street. My scrolling seems to work fine when I go in one direction, but when I turn the other direction, the background breaks up. Any idea why?
  6. ok, I think its starting to click in now... I assume you can change it to 2 or 3 columns if you wanted more cards at once?..
  7. I have been trying to understand how the scrolling works in the the Example file Landscape.bas it begins with: SCREEN screen_cards, 0, 0, BACKGROUND_COLUMNS, BACKGROUND_ROWS, LANDSCAPE_WIDTH So from what I understand, its grabbing the screen data from (Screen cards), the 0 is the origin_offset which is the first data value in screen_cards, the next 0 is the target_offset which is where to start on the screen, then BACKGROUND_COLUMNS (which = 20 in constants.bas) for 20 columns, BACKGROUND_ROWS (=12), then LANDSCAPE_WIDTH (which is set to 60) Then after it scrolls: SCREEN screen_cards, next_column, 19, 1, BACKGROUND_ROWS, LANDSCAPE_WIDTH I see that its calling the screen cards again, then changing 0 to next_column (set at 20) ... but here is what is confusing me. what is going on with the 19,1 now? Any help on understanding this is appreciated
  8. Is there something I need to add to the code to make the noise effect work? When I use the editor and add noise it makes a more static sound then when I add the code to my game its missing that noise.. here is the code I am using... sound 2,1600,12 sound 4,0,$18
  9. Not sure if this helps a bit, but you can check out this thread that I posted asking how games like Frogger had so many moving parts with an 8 sprite limit
  10. Basic question here... what does the % mean/do?
  11. oh so the highest a 16 bit variable will go is 65535? Does that mean you have to do a trick to make the score go above that?
  12. so do I use that along with the print code? because my print statement is at 13 and your example says 20?
  13. for my game I am using mode 0,4,0,0,0 to give the level a green background. The score is at the top in the sky, so the numbers have a green background which I am trying to change to blue.. How do I do that? print at 13 color 2, <7>#score
  14. Is it possible to change a specific card background so it doesn't show the main BG color? I seem to be able to only control the foreground.. Say the background color is blue (set using mode) and I want one card to have red instead. #backtab(20) = SPR37 + SPR_CYAN print at 0 color 6, "Hello"
  15. Is there a way to make the ball go slightly faster (like accelerate). I have been try to make a sprite speed up and slow down by fractional amounts instead of just +1 or +2
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