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  1. I really don’t care if it dies or not that’s the great thing about it being an open platform i can do what I want with it. I’m mainly using it in Windows 10 mode and playing a bunch of my favourite games via steam in my living room and doing other work related tasks on it in the living room to where it’s definitely not possible for me to have my gaming pc set up!. The VCS seems to be serving its purpose rather well for me I’m actually very happy with it I have it powered up everyday and I’ll boot into the Atari OS every now and again and see if there’s anything new on the store or for a quick blast of a few of my purchased games and leave again, it’s a shame there’s not been a new game since last month in the Atari OS marketplace I know there’s games in development for the console and I still think it’s far to early to say it’s dead but yes it’s not looking to good at the moment. I would still 100% back it again though I love the design and again it’s doing what I want from it via Windows 10 if it dies I’d happily just delete the Atari OS from it and carry on to be honest.
  2. It does look a bit suspicious but to be honest the only advice I could give would be to avoid purchasing items from said seller if your worried about the items being resealed, my own personal experiences with eBay have been terrible as of late especially with sellers descriptions of items!. I purchased a controller listed as missing the box but in immaculate, perfectly working condition it arrived today missing the screws that hold the controller together and only half of the cable lol the seller had great feedback too and the items pictures looked fine but the faults where hidden, it’s just the risk you run buying on eBay I guess.
  3. I’m really looking forward to this game and it’s so exciting to hear that it’s nealry ready to go!. I’m just wondering if there’s any plans in place yet for making the game purchasable to UK customers or how that’s going to work when the game launches?, either way as soon as it’s ready to go for UK customers you have my money I’d love the physical release/cartridge version of the game for my collection but if it’s only possible to buy digital for now in the UK well I’m all in for that too lol I’m a big Thrustlander fan so this will be my new go to game on the Jaguar for a long time.
  4. I don’t think the fan speed throttling rapidly would be much of an issue with the VCS as the APU doesn’t really generate a lot of heat as it’s of a low TDP and with the design of the VCS it seems to help with keeping everything cool, if anything it throttling up and down is just annoying lol. My own VCS is only really audible in the Atari OS it definitely does throttle in that side of things which I noticed when playing Guntech the other day but in PC/Windows 10 mode I can run quite intensive games ones that aren’t really what the VCS is designed for and not hear a single sound from my fan unless I really listen for it the throttling is less Win 10 for me.
  5. That’s good you got it exchanged but very unfortunate about losing your game saves etc!. I’ve put a lot of time into Thrustlander myself countless hours and a good few hours into Ato so that would definitely annoy me as it already has in the past after a firmware update decided to delete all my game save data on the VCS! On the bright side you’ll get to play through 2 great games again and hopefully with a fully working VCS.
  6. I’ve just signed up in the waiting list, hopefully your able to ship it to me when its in stock via eBay as I’m in the UK and with the full vat thing being an issue these days it’ll be easier on eBay.
  7. If you’ll be able to ship it to the UK I’ll take one.
  8. I do get a slight fan noise on power up but I really have to listen for it I’m actually surprised how silent it is as when I first got the console back in January it sounded like a turbo jet or something it was literally unbearable at times to the point I thought the console was faulty but I got used it after speaking to Atari who said they where working on the issue with the fan curve and now it seems to be mostly silent so in my case at least it can only be a combination of firmware updates and game updates that’s calmed the crazy fan curve down.
  9. My fan used to be off the scale loud on my VCS when playing Thrustlander but coming to think of it lately my fan has been mostly silent and I haven’t opened the machine up recently etc so maybe it’s the latest Atari OS firmware that’s tamed the fan curve?. I would recommend popping your VCS open again and just double checking you’ve not pulled the fan wire out or something but I imagine it’s most likely the recent update to Thrustlander with a combination of Atari OS updates that’s caused it to be silent and my VCS can get quite hot to but nothing major, if the fan was disconnected the machine would most likely turn itself off to prevent damage.
  10. If it wasn’t for having Windows 10 on my VCS I definitely wouldn’t be getting any 4K experience on the console that’s for sure!. I hope Atari are able to resolve the issue the VCS has with 4K mode on the Atari OS side of things I mean it’s surely possible since 4K in Windows 10 is such a smooth experience, just makes you wonder what exactly the hold up is.
  11. Nice one! Cover looks great time to relocate Simone to a DVD box when I get time. I don’t know who you are sheep but much appreciated. Thanks again for sharing this.
  12. Hopefully a bios update down the line resolves it!. It’s funny because I never experienced it untill the last bios update now I’m thinking about it.
  13. I get the exact same thing when I unplug mine also, no idea how to fix it unfortunately. I normally just hit ok and the Atari OS boots up just fine but I admit it’s a little bit annoying having to grab the mouse to ok it especially if you’ve just sat down and it’s at the other end of the room lol. I think it’s just the VCS checking for the drive not realising it’s been unplugged then it boots to the error.
  14. I’m quite a fan of the Modern Controller myself it’s very comfortable and the circle D-pad surprised me as I thought it wasn’t going to be very good due the design of it but it works well especially in games like Shaq Fu and Double Dragon Neon which I’ve recently been playing via Steam on the VCS using the Modern Controller.
  15. I stopped watching ReviewtechUSA years ago probably around 2019 when he said in a video that the new next gen PS5 console would destroy PC graphics when it comes or something along those lines totally forgetting a PC can be upgraded lol then I clicked on to a video of his a few months back and he was bashing the PS5 lol.. the guy literally doesn’t have a clue honestly I wouldn’t even need to click on to his VCS video to know it would be negative all he’s done since 2018 is put out negative videos about the VCS calling it a scam, saying Atari want it to fail and it’ll be dead on arrival etc.
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