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  1. Is there a news ticker that has a format convertible for the TI?
  2. Chicago TImes March 1987 Ready to print. Chicago TImes March 1987.pdf
  3. TImes (UK) #39 Winter 1992 - (Complete) Ready to print. TImes (UK) #39 Winter 1992 (Complete).pdf
  4. Asking everyone, what are your 5 favorites out of these 599 games?
  5. Should we all collectively yank his chain? Let's all offer him $10.00 or less. 😝
  6. Chicago TImes February 1987 - (Complete) Ready to print. Chicago TImes February 1987 - Complete).pdf
  7. I use https://pixillion-plus-image-converter.en.softonic.com/ One can compress files as well. There is also https://www.nchsoftware.com/documentconvert/
  8. Searched the Game Shelf, this thread and other places, but unable to locate a game similar to Omega Race. Is one under a different name?
  9. Second that. Much to consider. Will ATX power supply require modifying TI cards? What would the case look like? Would overall cost be lower than an original expansion setup? Would people with original equipment want to switch?
  10. Looks nice, for the wealthy. The new IO board alone is about $250.00, how much would a new P-Box cost?
  11. Chicago Times January 1987 Ready to print. Chicago Times January 1987.pdf
  12. Better, thank you. As soon as @tmop69 gets done with it, the long wait for starting will be over.
  13. A historical moment in TI history. 😁
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