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  1. TI*MES Issue 42, Autumn 1993 Ready to print. Note: Message above states 80 pages, it's actually 56 pages with front and back covers. TImes 93Q3 n42 (Complete).pdf
  2. It's unclear, did you try hot spotting your cell phone? That would supply an IP number.
  3. TIMES Issue 40 Spring 1993 (Complete) Ready to print. TIMES Issue 40 Spring 1993 (Complete).pdf
  4. What is the last version of TIPI one can run without the ROM upgrade? Is that version still available anywhere?
  5. Chicago TImes August 1987 (Complete) Ready to print. Chicago TImes August 1987 (Complete).pdf
  6. Cartridge demos are to showcase what is possible with a system, but if it can't be made on the demo system, isn't that cheating?
  7. SkyPilot

    Eye Candy

    Without Cosby.
  8. SkyPilot

    Eye Candy

    If a color reproduction of a TI-99/4A promotional poster ever becomes available, I'll buy one.
  9. Chicago TImes May 1987 (Complete) Ready to print. chicago times May 1987 (Complete).pdf
  10. I'm quoting your changed edited post. Apples and Oranges, now it seems an argument is what you want, not biting. Do whatever you want.
  11. You bet I do! If I replace one electrolytic capacitor, I replace them all. Why bother to do a half-assed job? They sell capacitor kits for that very reason.
  12. Many business replace all light bulbs after a percentage burn out to save time, labor and aggravation. When one capacitor fails, changing them all may prevent having to open it up again in the future.
  13. Chicago TImes April 1987 - (Complete) Ready to print. Chicago TImes April 1987 - (Complete).pdf
  14. Final Grom? Strange Cart? Back Bit? Which one?
  15. Obviously XB 2.7 and 2.9 win, but that compiled version blows everything else away. RXB does not compile, correct?
  16. Is there a news ticker that has a format convertible for the TI?
  17. Chicago TImes March 1987 Ready to print. Chicago TImes March 1987.pdf
  18. TImes (UK) #39 Winter 1992 - (Complete) Ready to print. TImes (UK) #39 Winter 1992 (Complete).pdf
  19. Asking everyone, what are your 5 favorites out of these 599 games?
  20. Should we all collectively yank his chain? Let's all offer him $10.00 or less. 😝
  21. Chicago TImes February 1987 - (Complete) Ready to print. Chicago TImes February 1987 - Complete).pdf
  22. I use https://pixillion-plus-image-converter.en.softonic.com/ One can compress files as well. There is also https://www.nchsoftware.com/documentconvert/
  23. Searched the Game Shelf, this thread and other places, but unable to locate a game similar to Omega Race. Is one under a different name?
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