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  1. New wiered update: I found disk image (atr) with 6 games, including Montezuma Revenge, and it works ! BUT when I tried extract this game from disk image and launch it as .exe file - I get the same artifacts as on my first photo ! I don't understand - this is the same game but packed in different format, why one of pack works but another one is not (the same binary in fact) ?
  2. Yes, thanks - I did that and then I can load ATR images, for example: Games that works fine: 14 - Fred (1991)(Querope Agency).atr (133k) 07 - Zybex (1988)(Zeppelin Games)(GB).atr(92k) 15 - International Karate (1986)(System 3 Software)(GB).atr(92k) 41 - Pac-Man (1982)(Atari)(US)[k-file].atr (14k) 50 - Missile Command (1981)(Atari)(US)[k-file].atr (8k) 25 - Moon Patrol (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[k-file].atr (4k) And games that not work: 03 - Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)(US).atr(92k) 04 - Montezuma's Revenge (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US).atr(92k) 09 - Draconus (1988)(Cognito)(GB).atr (92k) 20 - Pole Position (1983)(Atari)(US).atr (92k) 39 - Pharaoh's Curse, The (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[k-file].atr (20k) 46 - Defender (1982)(Atari)(US)[k-file].atr (20k) 32 - Joust (1983)(Atari)(US)[k-file].atr (17k)
  3. Hi ! I recently found an Atari 130xe in excellent condition (EU - PAL version, never used but without original power supply), but ran into a problem: 1. All graphics tests run fine - no artifacts, GTIA is from early releases and looks like it's okay. 2. All system tests run OK. 3. To load programs I use SDrive2 (sdrive-arm) disk emulator, and this is where I start having problems - most games do not load, or they load but do not work. Failure options: - garbage on the screen after loading; - images only in the first line of pixels, the rest of the screen is black - cracked/hacked games are loaded and I can see some hackers intro/welcom screen with fancy graphics and credits, but when the actual game should start - black screen or artifacts - the game is loaded, and even works, but instead of a part of the sprites - garbage - as in the picture below, instead of the character - a vertical line of garbage, but the game works and the character can move. - for some games, I could not find a single working image - I tried all the variants I could find (atr, xex), a couple of dozen, but none of them worked 100% - at the same time(!), I still can launch some games - and they work perfectly, no any graphics or loading issues. - today I got Sophia2 and tried to install it instead of the original GTIA - unfortunately nothing has changed, I see the same problems with games. Do you have any idea what could be the reason? P.S. Most of ATR/XEX roms marked as [US] but my Atari is EU(PAL) - but I can't find any EU/PAL rom for 400/800/XL/XE platforms And some of this [US] games work good. 20210618_220816.mp4
  4. @Simius it is possible to order Sophia2 for my Atari 130xe (PAL) with delivery to Russia ?
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