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  1. Here is a video for condition reference and stuff, easier than taking tons of pics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkWHfz10cSI Paypal only. Shipping is NOT included in the prices and will be determined by location and weight. Minimum of $50 purchase for shipping outside the US. First come first serve basis on everything. Here are the prices: (All vectrex games come with original cart,box,instructions, plastic tray insert,overlay, and paper sleeve for overlay, refer to video for box conditions) Clean Sweep 35 Hyperchase 20 Scramble 18 Solar Quest 25 Heads Up 35 Cosmic Chasm 25 Spike 30 Webwars 30 Armor Attack 25 Starhawk 25 Fortress of Narzod 45 Ripoff 18 Two Worlds 2 Royal Edition 360 Sealed 100 Golf VG 18 Ghost Recon 3DS 20 White knight chronicles 2 guide new 13 If possible try and contact me by email at [email protected] but a PM is ok but response may be slower. Here is my DP feedback thread: http://digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51325&highlight=pdorr3
  2. Please send me PM's (if you are a member of digitalpress, for a quicker response PM me there) I can pay by Paypal and Money Orders (at the moment MO's are prefered), if I am spending alot of money it is critical that you have a source of great feedback somewhere. I will do possible trades, see my small list at bottom of post. My DP feedback thread: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/show...ghlight=pdorr3 Heres what I need: -I am looking to buy ANY complete virtual boy games in fair to excellent condition (no beat up crap boxes please). -I am looking to buy radiant silvergun on saturn. Must have original case, manual, and cd. Please let me know the condition of everything (scrathces, cracks, creases, etc.) I am not looking to pay more than $150 total. -I am looking to also buy a complete copy of chrono trigger on snes, condition must be nice. -Also looking for a complete Earthbound on SNES, needs atleast cart and box. The only notable things I have for trade are a GH Final Fantasy 7, Original FF8, FF X-2, Tons of Eye of Judgment cards (ps3), possibly some 360 games (request a list of ones you are interested in Ill let you know if I have any for trade).
  3. I am buying this Atari Jaguar banner and have been trying to find out if it is official or some kind of screen print. I searched google and found this Picture of what looks like the same banner (this is from Jagfest) and am wondering if anyone here knows if these banners are officialy made or if they are just reproductions (namely the one I am buying) thanks.
  4. Systems I want Philips CDi (model 220) --Must come with atleast a controller and hookups Vectrex --Must come with atleast a controller and hook ups Atari Lynx --Must come with battery covers Games I want: I really am open to what games I want, so I will make a general description for each system I want NO SPORTS games for any system Helpful link: Here you can find most of my collection online, if you have games for sale that I dont have for a particular system please PM me and let me know (not all systems are listed) http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/collec...lder=Collection -Complete Game.com games -Complete Sega Saturn Games -Loose or Complete SNES games -Complete DS games -Complete PSX games -Complete 3DO games -Complete Genesis games -Complete Sega CD games -Complete NUON games -Complete Neo Geo AES affordable games -Complete SMS games -Complete PS2/GC/XBOX games -Loose or Complete Virtual boy Games -Jewelcase-Boxed TG-16 games -Boxed Atari Jaguar games I can pay with Paypal or Money Order (PP preferred) I have alot of feedback DigitPress.com and scattered feedback at places like neo-geo.com, RFgeneration.com, and cheapassgamer.com
  5. I need to get rid of alot of my extra stuff to help fund my xbox 360. Not too much here but I got some systems and possibly some games some of you might be interested in up there: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZzee3dee3
  6. I am looking for this game loose, looking to spend no more than $12 shipped. Please PM me (or if you are a member at digitpress.com a PM would be preferred there)
  7. OK Also a added note, no instructions are included and carts are in good cosmetical shape, no tears or fading (only choplifter has a slightly lighter cart, hardly noticible) heres a pic
  8. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US! My DP Feedback Topic Before I put this on eBay I figured I would post it here first. First here are some pictures: SMS System (Tested) 1 RF 1 Power Adapter 2 Controllers ($35 Shipped for all of the above) 1 SMS System Poster ($5 Shipped) Boxed Games(no instructions): R-Type (Pending) Golden Axe ($7 Shipped) Golvellius: Valley of Doom ($8 Shipped) Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars ($8 Shipped) Space Harrier 3D ($10 Shipped) Double Dragon ($7 Shipped) Zillion II: The tri formation ($6 Shipped Box has trouble closing, Pending) Kenseiden ($8 shipped) Choplifter ($4 shipped,Box is in very poor condition) Loose games: Altered Beast ($4 shipped) Time Soldiers ($4 Shipped) Thunder Blade ($4 Shipped) Hang on/Safari Hunt ($3 Shipped) Fantasy Zone: The Maze ($6 Shipped) *Or $16 shipped for all 5 loose games* I can save you a little on prices is you buy more than one thing. I accept Paypal, Money Order, and Personal Checks (checks only from reliable buyers)
  9. Tomorrow I will bust out the NES and play some Mario and Mario 3. Happy B-Day mario!
  10. Looking for a non-players choice tales of symphonia for GC. Must atleast come with case. Game retails for $20 new. Also looking for a US Panzer Dragoon Saga on saturn. Must come with original case, instructions, and cd's. PM me with what you offer to sell either of these to me for. I am unemployed and money is not easy to get for me, so please no crazy prices. I have a VIC-20 lot for sale or trade and a few other things in my selling thread, so check that out as well if you want to factor any of that into the trade.
  11. damn that is nice, I want that candle!
  12. PDorr3

    Mr. Driller

    The challenge I see is definitly from thinking fast. You need to grab the air supply consistenly in later levels or else you will die fast. Also puzzle games that make my heart speed up when a block almost falls on me is a very good thing. I was truly never addicted, but it was damn fun while it lasted.
  13. How long did it take you to complete the game? I by no means am not going to be trying to get every pixie, but I am looking for an approx completion time.
  14. My Digital Press (www.digitpress.com) Feedback Topic http://www.digitpress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=52238 Pictures can be provided if requested! Up for sale is this VIC-20 lot, $32 shipped anywhere in the US, it is heavy. I powered it on and it does appear to work but I have no old tv to test out the games. Comes with everything needed to hook it up and some users manuals. Games: Qbert Voodoo Catle Mission Impossible I also have a 1802 commodore monitor for $20+shipping, or local pickup in Long Island NY for $20. I also have boxed N64 Force Feedback rumble packs with two AAA batteries, $5 shipped anywhere in the US each. Take all 12 for $25 shipped! Warcraft II tides of darkness official strategy guide, $2+shipping ($1-3 depending on where you live) PSM magazine Lot: $4 +shipping takes them all #'s 66 69 70 73 76 79 Primiere Nintendo Power Advance Guide $4 shipped Blood Omen II poster $3 shipped Warcraft III Huge Poster $3 shipped Smashing Drive Poster $3 shipped Spider Man 2 double sided poster $3 shipped ($6 shipped for all above posters) Sega Master System Poster $6 shipped Factory Sealed Tail Concerto PSX (Atlus) - $30 shipped Bally VideoArcade Galactic Invasion 2011 brand new sealed - $7 shipped Atari 2600 Star Raiders Factory Sealed $12 shipped Sealed Star craft (PC) $5 shipped
  15. I just got this game and started playing. I love the animation and I think the battles are great. Reminds me alot of golden sun.
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