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  1. Just tested that on Javatari and love it! I’ll definitely bring the rom to some of my devices hoping it will work fine as well… thank you and congratulations!
  2. Amazing, that is pure love. Not only for the projects themselves but rather for the accuracy and the way you’ve listed and documented them.
  3. These are great news, thanks a lot
  4. Hi all, Newbie question, is there any chance to purchase any new release or homebrew for the 2600 by digital download rather than on physical cartridge? I mean either through this site or other websites/distributors as well. I don’t own an original machine and I play only with emulators or with my Flashback console. thanks!
  5. When is season 12 supposed to start? 🙂 (yeah I’m a newbie but I’m already looking forward to next season…..)
  6. To me, the VCS brings my memory back to the late 70s-early 80s so that I tend to associate the 2600 gaming experience to the early electronic music. It’s all about pioneering with the very first mass-technology, it’s not that different playing a good old Atari title and listening to some Moog analog synth tune. However I don’t mix playing games and music listening, I always prefer the game sounds when playing.
  7. Hi all, has anybody tried playing 2600 games on one of those so-called “retro-consoles” such as the Anbernic or similar models? Thoughts? I’m wondering what system is actually providing the best portable gaming experience for the 2600... beside the Flashback Portable of course (screen too little and so-so mechanics imho...). Personally I play the 2600 on a modded PSP 1000 and it’s ok. I’ve also tried Retroarch on a 3DS XL but I found it somehow less enjoyable. But my PSP might not last forever (13 years of intense use so far...) so that I started to keep myself informed. Big screens are probably a key preference factor for me (I’m not in my twenties anymore... and not even in my thirties... -_- ) and that’s what it’s making me a little bit skeptical about the Anbernics at the moment (“only” 3,5’’ screens...). Just curious about other VCS fans’ experiences.
  8. 😄 Not sure about English, In Italy we say “when there are no horses, the donkeys trot, too” By the way, so far no info at all about the VCS in italy as well, for what I know. Just a couple of web news. No distribution, apparently. It’s probably too early. Maybe it is the same for whole Europe?
  9. Does anybody know what are the estimated shipment times for newly placed orders? I.e. if one orders a VCS today, would it be available or is the order put in a waiting list?
  10. Hi All, Not sure if this request has already been covered on these pages, but my personal AT wishlist would start with an improved Flashback Portable version with a bigger screen, say 4.3”, that would be perfect. And, yes, a good pad and still SD card support of course. Ready to pay the right price value for it. So far the best way I found to play VCS games in mobile version is modding my old PSP1000. But playing on a (somehow) Atari branded device would be definitely appealing!
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