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  1. leachicm

    5200 SHELLS

    its been awhile since anybody posted on this. Is there anyone making new cart shells for sale for the 5200 ? I see there are repros and homebrews being sold with shells.
  2. I considered the TV being the issue. I don't have another to test on but might have access to a CRT next month. All my other retro systems run fine on RF with this LCD. I got an AV mod and things looked promising then it died don't know if there being 13.2V on the 12V line had anything to do with it. Thanks for the explanation, its good to know that there is a quirk in the design
  3. I'm talking a frozen image and you can literally see the scan line changing the pixels line by line once it gets to the bottom the game plays normally but the sound is normal the entire time the game still plays out only the goofy video
  4. I have 2 colecovisons with the same issue. The video will freeze randomly then slowly refresh then I get normal video for a few seconds. The atari module works fine so its not RF. I have a modern power supply and the issue also occurred with original PS. One coleco I've worked on a bit, new ram, recap, new video chip, Bios. Nothing has improved the situation. Oh, the audio works perfectly and is unaffected by the video glitches
  5. I'd be up for at least 10, maybe more
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