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  1. This would be a shame if it's true. I've bought a dozen or so games. No point to have a system without content.
  2. I "flashed" the VCS at the request of Atari. Still no fan. I did it again and the fan came back! ... But only for a few minutes. I exchanged the unit for a new one a Micro Center. The worst part is I lost all of my game progress. I guess there wasn't much but I'm most saddened by the loss of my Ato progress, and all of my Thrusterlander achievements. Oh well. Hope I don't have issues with the new unit! The next time I guess I'll try to back the games up on a removable drive. I picked up an SSD to install for this reason and to give Windows 10 a try.
  3. I guess I could have missed an update but I didn't run any manual updates. I don't get any fan noise at all even when powering up the system. Is that the case for you?
  4. I noticed tonight that my fan was not making it's usual loud noise while playing thrusterlander. This is a stock unit. I did take the case off to reattach the Bluetooth antenna when. I first got it but other than that no upgrades have been done. I haven't opened it to see if it is just a loose connection because it's late here. Has anyone had this issue with their VCS? The unit was quite hot to the touch. I can't imagine this is good for the processor.
  5. That's the controller. There were only a few games that used it. I think my family owned half of them. The games came with a card overlay to indicate the buttons that could be used and they had pictures of the game characters on them. If i knew how to program better I could probably write a phone app to control an emulator and mimic the controller. Maybe even an app optimized for the iPad mini as this is the approximate size of the Kid's Controller. Big Bird's Egg Catch is a game that teaches counting. You play as big bird and run back and forth across the screen to catch chicken eggs in a nest on your head. I remember playing this game for hours with my cousin. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-big-bird-s-egg-catch_11538.html
  6. Happy to report that I've been playing through 2600 games using javatari loading from atarimania.com in Chrome on the VCS. This is fun. This works well for most games I've tried except for games that use the Kid's Controller. I'm trying specifically to play Big Bird's Egg Catch. I have a 3 year old and I'd like to introduce him to video games through the "classics." I played that game when I was just a bit older than him on a 2600 Jr that I sadly no longer have. I'm wondering if anyone has used javatari with a virtual kids controller or if it can support such a device. I would really like to use it on the Atari VCS but I realize this is super niche. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I opened a ticket when I discovered my issue and they still haven't gotten back to me. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. That seemed like a weak review. While some points are valid I think the reviewer missed the point of the VCS.
  9. SOLVED This was the solution. Now I can sit on my couch and play without a wire. One of the snap in leads for the two antennas was not attached. Not sure if this will continue to be a problem as it didn't feel satisfying when I snapped it back onto the board. Thanks to everyone who offered solutions. Hope this thread will help someone else.
  10. The system reports that I have the latest firmware. What is the latest version? I think my controller firmware version is 1.47
  11. Has anyone else had issues with the BT on the VCS? I just picked mine up last night from Microcenter. I'm about to go exchange it if this is going to be a persistent problem with this unit. I was able to pair both included controllers with great difficulty. The controllers needed to be immediately behind the unit on the right side I'm assuming this is where the antenna is. After they are paired the controllers can only be moved 1-2 feet away from the unit before disconnect. I've updated the bios and all the software and done multiple reboots. Even turned off the wifi radio and hardwired in case that was interfering. Any ideas? I've already filed a ticket with Atari but I'm waiting on a reply.
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