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  1. Curious topic, what were some of your favorite songs and soundtracks on the NES. Post and link a few you remember enjoying. I always loved the ominous the opening theme for Journey to Silius.
  2. It's really hard to pick a favorite NES game, there's just so many great titles. I'd say based on how much I've played these three, they'd be around my favorite games. Those would be Rescue Rangers, Mega Man 4, and Journey to Silius. All three are very fun to play and have extremely memorable soundtracks.
  3. I think these are what I'm going to end up grabbing when I get the chance.
  4. Recently got a 7800 but the controller is really awkward to hold and stiff. My hands and wrists get sore pretty quickly from playing some robotron. Are there any other controllers out there that are better? 3rd party or official, don't care.
  5. Never heard of this game before, but it's a shame this got canceled. I really like the setting and aesthetics here.
  6. I was a kid growing up with the n64, but wanted an SNES the moment I saw Super Mario RPG. The graphics/art style had me really interested in the game.
  7. Wow this thread is certainly a blast from the blast. I would say if you're going to go the "buy bootlegs" route, you'd be better off in the long run just buying one of the SNES flashcarts. Then you're able to play any game on your system, along with rom hacks and homebrew games as well.
  8. Wow that looks really clean and sharp now. You did a pretty great job cleaning it up. Best of luck finding some adverts to mount on the sides.
  9. Wow, that's a pretty rad cabinet. Congrats on the lucky find. What's your plan of attack for refurbishing it?
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