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  1. I listened to your advice and bought 2 pieces of adjustable RF inductors from ebay. I removed one of the cores carefully, and put it in the inductor in my JR unit. It worked!
  2. At that price I would hire a developer, make a better version of the game, print a cartridge and have a one-of-a-kind rarest edition.
  3. They look identical, but their inductance go up to 1.5uH max. Documents I found keep talking about 15uH. I did not want to mess with it. Someone used a fixed one successfully, and I assume you used one successfully so maybe inductance is not that important. Or maybe it is not the core that decides inductance.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately the ones I ordered are fixed, not adjustable. The cores are wrapped tigth.
  5. I ordered these three from Mouser. They have slightly different resistance/impedance. 542-5300-15-RC 5300-15-RC 15uH 10% 542-77F150K-RC 77F150K-TR-RC 15uH 10% 871-B78108S1153K B78108S1153K 15uH 610mA 0.6ohms
  6. After some search, I found out this part is called variable inductor coil. On my board it is part L6 while on others it might be marked as L201. What specs do I need to follow? I could not find this info on schematics online. These parts are sold with different inductance levels (0.25 - 0.41 uH, 1uH, 2uH etc). Another discussion I found was talking about 15-20uH range for the VCS which sounds too far from what's on the market. Am I missing something?
  7. OK, as I was closing it up I heard rattling inside and the rest of the carbon pieces came off. Now I have no video. Is there an easy fix for that pot like replacing it with a resistor? I don't need the adjustment.
  8. Nevermind. I am an idiot. I used an auto-switching RF box. As soon as I used a simple cable it worked.
  9. Got a Unicron from ebay. Initially I could not get any video upon power up. After testing the power supply, cables, and the voltage regulator successfully, I decided to fiddle with the pot on the RF modulator with my hex screwdriver. It started to turn and I did get some video but now it broke and released this graphite-looking pieces. I don't think it turns anymore. What is the most logical course of action here? Is there an easy fix for this pot? Or do I go with composite mod knowing that the machine is working? This is the only reference I could find online regarding modding a unicorn. https://theokoulis.com/index.php/2018/09/27/the-unicorn/ Ps. I was hoping it landed on a different frequency around channels 2 and 3 but reprogramming TV did not work.
  10. OldPAL


    He bought my Dragonfly cartridge. Quick payment and great communication. I am sure the Dragonfly is in good hands.
  11. Purchased Dragonfly cart. Everything went smooth. Thank you.
  12. Ah no wonder it was climbing like crazy. I couldn't figure out why.
  13. All sold. Thank you. (9/24/2021) ---------------------------------------------------- I will stick with my 2600 collection for now, so selling my 7800 stuff. - NTSC 7800 console with power and antenna cables (not modded). Comes with original booklet. - Retro game Boyz pad for 7800. Used once. - Dragonfly cartridge (pokey max and Yamaha). Used once. SOLD - Loose 7800 cartridges: 2xpole position II (2 release years), Joust, Karateka, F18 Hornet, Choplifter, HatTrick, Galaga, one on one (not working) - LockOn module for weird 2600 cartridges to fit easily. $350 $150 for all including domestic US shipping. Let me know if you want specific pics or other details. Edit: I am also considering Atari 2600 JR for a trade in. And many people are asking to buy just the Dragonfly. If this combo is a no go then I will consider that. Edit 2: I will sell the Dragonfly separately. I am PMing in order of interest that I received. Edit 3: sold the Dragonfly , thank you for your interest. I might post the rest on ebay to get bigger exposure.
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