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  1. Once upon a time, I loved my original Atari 2600.

    Since the heyday and downfall of Atari, I've been doing Atari emulation using Ubuntu with Retroarch, using the Anbernic RG350M, and now very happy to be reunited with Atari through the AtariVCS game console in 2021!

    Online you can find me as https://tayledras.com, as https://twitter.com/latheofdreams, and as https://facebook.com/Ken.Foreman



    1. thanatos


      Yet you just found AtariAge today?  :D


    2. Tayledras


      Sadly!  But already thoroughly enjoying AtariAge and hoping to contribute soon to the forums.

      How could I have not found AtariAge sooner? ...anyhoo, I'm very glad to be here now.

      Thanks!! 😆🕹✌

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