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  1. So, I went to update my Jaguar GameDrive. Went to the options got the specific address for my device. Downloaded it and put it on the root of my sdcard. All I get now is the retroHQ screen and it never progresses. I use a 32GB micro sd card formatted using windows in the Fat32 format. I can no longer get to the screen that tells me where to get firmware for my cart by holding the option button. I have removed and resat the cart several times. Pretty sure I did everything right. I hope I didn't ruin my GameDrive somehow. Ok, wow.... I feel dumb. So, I didn't think the jagnet (new device) would interfere with the boot process on the GamDrive. Once I removed the Jagnet from the system the GameDrive operated as normal. I edited post with the fix so it has information in it. I didn't see a delete option so I'll leave it. If a mod or someone things a single post is irrelevant then place delete.
  2. I'm getting their. But yes, I need to start getting the downloadable games for the GameDrive at this point. I still have a handfull coming from the Atariage store. And I need to figure out what ones I still don't have. Been having a blast with the Jag and JagCD. Even my wife really hasn't complained about me playing them at night in bed.
  3. Dude .. lol ... Defender of the Crown? Tell me I can get that at some point? I used to play that I think it was on the computer during the DOS days? Maybe 3.1? I don't know... but it would be awesome to see again. I literally just bought whatever was available on the songbird site. I'm so crazy excited I may have gone Jag retarded.... Like I said... I had a lot of Jag games back in the day. But all this new homebrew stuff really makes me excited to try and get back into the Jag hard. I'm the same way with TG16/PCE. I own all that stuff though. Every last piece.
  4. Is there an issue with counterfit games on the Jag? I have bought several games from Songbird in the past day or two. I already have two of the reproduction Pro controllers. A lot of their stuff is sold out on their site but the songbird ebay account still has some of the stuff available. So I got some from both places. myatari seems like a place to get stuff from as well. I'll most likely scour the threads a bit more. I really want to support the homebrew though. To help encourage more games to be released. I do the same with the TG16/PCE. Is the atariage store coming back at some point does anyone know? I mean... I don't know when they took it down or stopped taking orders. So have no idea how long it's been. But I am more than interested in getting any of the commercial homebrew games through reputable places.
  5. So, scouring the net... Especially ebay. Prolly not the smaetest thing. However.... I came.across this seller that has four game discs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Jaguar-JagTris-CD-Game-/133799259757?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Are these just burned cd's? Or are these actual pressed discs? Also... I decided to complement my console with a JagCD. Just in case there are games that can't be played on the GameDrive. Guess I'm going all in at this point.
  6. Thank you all. That orionsoft looks very cool. Will be buying those up. Also, where is the best place for news on homebrew games for the Jaguar? This forum?
  7. So I had a Jag, JagCD and around 40-45 games back in the day. I sold it all off at some point around 2000. I recently bought another Jag console and a GameDrive. I didn't realize the homebrew and games released since I never paid much attention to Jaguar stuff until recently. With the GameDrive... Will I eventually be able to play all the homebrew on it? Cart and CD? Am I able to buy just the rom files from the Homebrew creators for the carts or CD's? I would like to support them. The JagCD is so expensive now it's a hard buy for me but I would like to play the CD based games if possible. So.. can I buy homebrew and newly released games to put on the GameDrive to play them that way? So I don't have to spend a fortune looking for a working CD drive?
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