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  1. Patjomki, I see what you are saying now. Hopefully there will be a solution to enable SIO sounds. I am happy there is modern replacement for the Pokey chip since it seems be more difficult (and more expensive) to get one these days if one needs to replace a defective one.
  2. I do not know if you are looking for a “fix” for the SIO sounds, @foft gave some insight on how to get it back in an earlier post on this thread. I am also eagerly waiting for mine to eventually ship to put it into my Sophia 2 and U1MB upgraded 800XL 😀.
  3. Also, from what I understand it may not be 100% with the keyboard setup of the 576NUC+
  4. Hi goya, You did not post any pictures of the keyboard switch. If you have one made by AWC, there are two variants of the AWC keyboards. One of them has the Cherry M8 and the other has a Futaba ML series (as mentioned by @_The Doctor__) which looks like a Cherry switch (see here). The one with the Futaba ML switch is keyboard type 2 (I happen to have this keyboard in one of my 800XL and and I cross referenced the part number on the PCB to this thread.) If yours uses Cherry switches, it would probably be a keyboard type 3 If you need some help identifying the correct switch, check here to see if there are any clues to the version you are looking for and possibly find an old keyboard that uses the same one for parts. Good luck!
  5. For those who do not know: Nintendo Targets Amazing C64 Port of Super Mario Bros. After 7 Years’ Development
  6. @Mclaneinc Very true! I linked this not necessarily for a port SMB. By studying the code, it may be possible to give someone insights on how things were done in that system in relation to the Atari 8 bit.
  7. I am not sure if this is helpful, but someone disassembled and posted 6502 source code for the actual NES Super Mario game. I am linking it here to see if this would be of interest to some of the programmers here. A Comprehensive Super Mario Bros. Disassembly
  8. Hey @massiverobot ! I just went and gave your Reddit post an upvote. Nice work! Good luck!
  9. @Stephen, No worries! 😁 I should have made it more clear too. I can see how it could be implied from the post.
  10. @flashjazzcat and @candle Thanks again for your time and information! I am not sure how or when I turned on that option on, but I am glad there is a resolution. I will run the new update as soon as I get an opportunity.
  11. @CharlieChaplin Yes, definitely! One can download an official SD card formatter from the SD Card association (both Mac and Windows). I actually needed to this to format a card so it would work on a Flashback portable as recommended in the Flashback forum. SD Memory Card Formatter
  12. It is in the manual. Page 61. "Use this setting for ‘difficult’ cartridge images which require the SIDE3 cartridge registers at $D5F0-FF to be completely disabled. Note that the only way to leave ‘hard emulation’ mode is via the cartridge reset button." when I saw this, it caught my attention.
  13. Interesting! Hopefully @flashjazzcat can give some insight on this.
  14. @Mazzspeed, I want to confirm we are talking about the same thing. The option I am talking about is a toggle in the side 3 loader options menu. It is called "Hard Emulation". As per the manual, "Use this setting for ‘difficult’ cartridge images which require the SIDE3 cartridge registers at $D5F0-FF to be completely disabled. Note that the only way to leave ‘hard emulation’ mode is via the cartridge reset button". It is not about the hard disk. This option can be toggled on or off and does not seem to require a reboot.
  15. Hi @Mazzspeed and @flashjazzcat I was reviewing the manual and the settings trying different things. So one thing that caught my eye was "Hard Emulation". On my system, it was alway on. I turned it off and guess what? The cartridges load with no issue! I was able to load PoP cart, Flob, Space Harrier, etc. @Mazzspeed: Could you try to see if this works for you too? @flashjazzcat: I guess this would explain why turning off the PBI Bios would work? Since it was off, it would also turn off hard emulation?
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