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  1. Wow! Amazing work @rensoup and team! A new instant classic for the Atari 8-bit!
  2. One can actually do the upgrade with the 4464 chips that is reversible. One of the wiring variations, you solder wires on to the chips only. No soldering on the motherboard.
  3. Hi @venom4728a! @wildstar_87 and I have been in communication and working out the details. Thank you!
  4. Thanks @hasanc! I happen to follow Jan Beta's channel as well!. I also repair the Commodore 8-bits. I am looking at the Fluke 17B or the Fluke 117. There is a big difference in price. The latter, though more expensive, I know I will have the Fluke warranty in case of any issues with the device.
  5. I second this! Thank you ScreamingAtTheRadio for this project. I just sourced the square version of the keyboard (no Atari’s were harmed! It seemed that it was a returned service part. Need to do some serious retrobriting on it though since it so yellowed!) Trying to find someone to make me a make a couple of sets of the switch stems and stab holders. I also build custom keyboards and I am some group buys at the the moment, so this project was really appealing to me.
  6. Wow! That looks great! This was one of the games I used to play back in the day and I had a lot of fun with. Thanks @TIX!
  7. Welcome and congrats @clh333! Here a thread that shows and talks about the "ingot" power supply that @kenames99 and @tep392 had mentioned: Ingot Power Supply --> Garbage Can? And there are no stupid questions! A lot of members here are very knowledgeable with the systems and as you already seen, glad to help out.
  8. @bfollowell, I have heard the same thing about the Fluke meters. I will check out the Extech as well to see if they suit my needs. Thanks! 👍
  9. Well, I four NTSC 800XL's, one NTSC 600XL and a NTSC 130XE. One of the 800XL's has been upgraded with an Ultimate 1MB and Sophia 2 chip. I just got my Pokeymax 3 which I have to schedule some time to install on that same machine. My 600 XL has been upgraded to 64K and has the UAV video upgrade plus the missing the 5 DIN socket. I also have a 1050 and XF551 in storage which I have to go get to see if they still work. The upgraded 800XL and the 130XE, along with the disk drives are my actual childhood computers. I had kept them and now I am enjoying using them again.
  10. Hey @Beeblebrox, Thanks for the great info! I am also in the process repairing 8bit systems too. I am looking to get a good multimeter. I only have a very cheap basic one. Which one do you use?
  11. If you want to salvage the pokey chip, you could use a second chip socket. Put the Pokey chip in the socket and then solder what is left of the leg to the leg of the corresponding leg of the socket. Then, you can just put this into another socket on the motherboard. This would make it easier to replace in case the pokey chip dies.
  12. Hi Manterola, I am not aware of a specific 3D piece for the 130XE, but looking at the 130 XE, as a possible suggestion, you may be able to run the flat cable through the back via the ECI expansion. That is of course if you do not have any devices that are currently using it or plan to use in the future. If you go that route, you will definitely need a longer cable and possibly make it since there is no room for the cable with the connector to fit though. It would then be a matter of making 3D printed breakout box that could slip over the ECI slot or just an external breakout box.
  13. Congrats! Great work cleaning up the computer! Another Atari computer rescued with a new home!
  14. Hi @manterola and @marauder666, Next time I have a similar project, I will make sure to have these items it my toolkit. Would have the job a whole lot easier! Thanks!
  15. I had started out by cut out a hole to accommodate the DVI plug for the Sophia 2. I started with some round drill holes and I figured I would use the dremel to shape the hole into a square instead doing by hand with a file. I ended up making the holes too large because the dremel sanded a lot better than I expected 😅.
  16. I looked back at the thread and took a look at the pictures. The composite video upgrade that seems to be discussed looks like a simple design that reminds me of the one that is sold for the Atari 2600. See this link for what I mean. With this solution , you may not get the best video signal out of your machine. The audio is probably being tapped from the leftover pin outs for the missing DIN connector. Someone else with more electronics experience can provide a more detail on the solutions provided here.
  17. Hueyjones70, Thanks! A lot of people here on Atari Age have been really helpful with their insight, guides and photos on their projects. It has really helped me with my own projects on my Atari computers. I hope this helps someone out with theirs!
  18. TemplarXB, Sure! I am not sure if needed the the photos the 64K memory upgrade as well, so I will post both just in case. There seem to be many variations on how to do the 64K upgrade for the 600XL. I chose the one that was the I felt that most easily reversible. Here is an overview of my 600XL with the UAV, 5 PIN DIN and 64K memory upgrade installed. The RF modulator has been removed: Here is a closeup of the 64K upgrade. I had removed the kapton tape that was on for insulation (I am still using my RF shield) I followed the guide that was posted here HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR ATARI 600XL TO 64K RAM: Here is the UAV upgrade. For the record, I did this upgrade before I did the memory upgrade because I had no way of knowing if my 600XL was functional since I had no display to connect to it. I very relieved to see my 600XL was alive when I hooked up to my TV!: Here is a side view of the UAV install: Here is a front view of the UAV install: Here is a view of the case cutout. I wish it came out more neat, but I guess it came out ok. I did slowly by hand. I had already ruined an Atari 800XL case using a dremel trying to do a cutout for the Sophia 2 upgrade. You can still see one of the cutout guide in pencil still on the case: If there are any questions, please let me know!
  19. Hi hueyjones70, I am not sure if you you have looked into this, but I have a 600XL in which I did the 64k upgrade and video upgrade (mine is a NTSC model that did not have the video or sound sound out). I opted to do the Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) upgrade instead. The Brewing Factory sells the upgrade. The connection points for the 5 pin DIN connector are still on the 600XL motherboard too. The connection for the sound out is still wired. I procured a 5 pin DIN connector that fit the motherboard and installed the UAV. I removed the RF modulator in the process and drilled a hole into the case to accommodate the DIN connector. In all, it worked out very well. If you need some photos what I did, I can post it. Hope this helps!
  20. Patjomki, I see what you are saying now. Hopefully there will be a solution to enable SIO sounds. I am happy there is modern replacement for the Pokey chip since it seems be more difficult (and more expensive) to get one these days if one needs to replace a defective one.
  21. I do not know if you are looking for a “fix” for the SIO sounds, @foft gave some insight on how to get it back in an earlier post on this thread. I am also eagerly waiting for mine to eventually ship to put it into my Sophia 2 and U1MB upgraded 800XL 😀.
  22. Also, from what I understand it may not be 100% with the keyboard setup of the 576NUC+
  23. Hi goya, You did not post any pictures of the keyboard switch. If you have one made by AWC, there are two variants of the AWC keyboards. One of them has the Cherry M8 and the other has a Futaba ML series (as mentioned by @_The Doctor__) which looks like a Cherry switch (see here). The one with the Futaba ML switch is keyboard type 2 (I happen to have this keyboard in one of my 800XL and and I cross referenced the part number on the PCB to this thread.) If yours uses Cherry switches, it would probably be a keyboard type 3 If you need some help identifying the correct switch, check here to see if there are any clues to the version you are looking for and possibly find an old keyboard that uses the same one for parts. Good luck!
  24. For those who do not know: Nintendo Targets Amazing C64 Port of Super Mario Bros. After 7 Years’ Development
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