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  1. I used the same card for each RF console and got 2 different results, possibly Cyber Gadget went with a different spec board with the new RF consoles to save money and the older RF console is much quicker on an older Firmware?
  2. So I got a good deal on a premium edition RF with the full cartridge & controller adapters and will sell my original budget RF with SNES adapter and noticed something odd. The Budget RF is on update 2.7 and the premium edition is on 1.5, the 1.5 version loads the SD card in 1:10 seconds and the 2.7 version loads in 2:54? Riddle me this?? Seriously WTF
  3. Sorry to bringing up a thread from the dead but no matter which SD card I use it's takes 2 minutes 54 seconds to complete the load on startup. I've used 4, 8, 16, 32gb cards in Classes 6-10, and UHS 1-3 speeds with the same effect. I have 3,000 games on the card. Is there a madness to it? Game file size? Is there a way to bypass the check every startup?
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