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  1. Good Point. I didn't consider the speed differential. I am sure I would agree with you, the impact on performance would not be worthwhile.
  2. Is it possible to use the SD card in the FujiNet for an APT partition? I have one set up currently on AVG cart, in SIDE mode, so now I have the AVG cart, FujiNet both connected. If the HD could be on the Fujinet SD, then I wouldn't need to have the AVG installed.
  3. This whole thread has made me smile. I only recently pulled my 800 and 800XL out of storage myself, and have been really enjoying all the new tools available, like the SDRIVE and FujiNET, and I can appreciate the excitement. Enjoy that new machine!
  4. I must have been the only one using Textpro then? Myself and all my roommates turned in all of our lab reports and essays in college, done on my 130XE in Textpro, and printed on my 1027. It was the height of cool back in '85! 😁
  5. I still have my very first 800, and I keep it repaired, but I'll never modify it. I want it to always be the way it was. I have an 800xl that I'm modding heavily. That 800 is like Scrooge McDuck's number one dime for me. 😁
  6. @Pheonix, if you're in Waco, Texas, call or go over to Texas State Technical College and ask the ELT department if you can use one of their scopes for an hour or so. As an alumnus, I can attest that back in the 80's we used to do that from time to time. Another option is a cheap o-scope kit from Amazon, since you just need basic functionality -- search Amazon for "ICQUANZX Oscilloscope Kit, 2.4" TFT Handheld Pocket-Size Digital Oscilloscope" -- $23 for a simple scope.
  7. Do I understand that you want to list all the ATR files in a windows folder to a text file? I can't say I know of anything automatic, but you could always open a command prompt, navigate to the directory, and issue the DIR command with a pipe to a text file, like this Dir /B *.atr > atrfiles.txt you can also have it recursively list every ATR in the directory and all subdirectories dir /B /S *.ATR > atrfiles.txt But note that this will also give you the full path to each file, not just the name.
  8. Thanks, Gavin, I somehow managed to overlook that point when ordering, but I do have it powered, and it's working fine with the SIO splitter. I've been enjoying playing Ultima 3 again.
  9. Curiously enough, if I power the SDrive and plug it directly into the 800, I get the same results as plugging the sdrive in unpowered. The 800 goes directly to basic or memopad. It works fine if I use the SIO splitter, powered. It's not something that I need to resolve, I'll just get another SIO splitter for the 800 power it.
  10. This was, indeed the issue, once I powered the SIO splitter, and the SDrive was already on, the 800 booted fine from the SDrive. Thanks, everyone for the guidance and help. I somehow managed to miss the note about the 800's not providing power fast enough. Now to decide whether to permanently power the SDrive externally, and remove the switch so I can't accidentally fry everything, or get another SIO splitter just for the 800.
  11. That may be the problem, then. I don't have the SIO Splitter powered either. Let me power the SIO Splitter and try that first, and see what happens. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I am currently not using any external power for the Sdrive, just plugging it into the SIO. It works well on the 800xl and 130xe. It also powers up on the 800, it just doesn't ever start to load anything. I have the switch on the SDrive set to "S"
  13. Hello, I have only recently gotten back into playing with my Atari 8-bit stuff after a 30 year hiatus. I pulled my original 800 and 800xl out of storage, and cleaned them up and have been having some fun ordering some of the new gadgets available for these machines. I also bought a used 130XE for the nostalgia, since I had purchased one in 1985, but sold it years later. I bought an SDRIVE-MAX, which I can't seem to get to work with my 800. It works fine with the 800xl and the 130XE, but on the 800, it's like it doesn't even try. The machine goes immediately to Basic or Memopad. The 800 will boot from a 1050 floppy drive, and doesn't appear to have any problems reading disks from the 1050. I have also recently received an SIO-Splitter, and interestingly, if I connect the SDrive to the SIO splitter, and the splitter to the 800, it's like the 800 will at least try. I get a blank screen for 15 seconds or so, and then it goes to Basic or MemoPad. It's not the end of the world if I can't get it to work, since I am mostly using the 130XE, but I bought the SDrive primarily for the 800. Any help or insight is appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I'll send the pm.
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