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  1. Really enjoying BPM Boy, I knew it would be good and I was not disappointed. My sincere thanks for all the work that went into it.
  2. That's one of those things I keep meaning to try. I have been looking at USB MIDI keyboards, but I don't see any problems using the VCS, it's a fairly decent PC for most tasks. Regarding ST emulation, I run Hatari (I use Linux as my main OS) and it runs great, it also appears to have MIDI support. There may be some issue for Windows users though, do a web search for "Hatari MIDI Windows".
  3. Nothing major. There is the CE certification and the UK has a corresponding one since Brexit. It covers things like the power supply for example, that is already met AFAIK because they are made in China and the tend to meet requirements anyway. I'm in the UK and the PSU that came with mine obviously works fine with 240VAC otherwise I'd have been blasted like a Saturn V rocket off to the moon.. many moons ago. Alas I think it's simply stalling. Logistics they say, ye gods! They can sell them via Amazon and they take care of the logistics like shipping, warehousing, sales, delivery. Someone mentioned the Evercade on this thread, now that is a tiny UK company and yet they developed, manufactured a handheld console and licenced a stack of IP and got it to retail globally, both online and in bricks and mortar shops. Since the VCS was released, they've done more IP deals, grown a fanbase and also created a second handheld and developed a home console, those are selling all over. Another example is Retro Games Ltd. brought out a mini C64, listened to customers, brought out a full size C64, then a VIC-20 and now a mini Amiga. Meanwhile Atari are still tackling logistical problems!
  4. It really isn't all as difficult as Atari seem to make out with their stock replies. It just seems to me very odd that Atari being a French company omits it's own domestic market (European single market/EFTA region/UK) completely. Stranger too that they focus solely on one country for retail, the same country that had an Atari video game 'crash' and pretty much had turned it's back on Atari when they thrived in Europe. I know that was then and this is now, but cashing in on 'legacy' is a big part of the modern Atari business, there are lot of old Atari users, gamers, hackers etc here in the UK and Europe who would have been happy to buy a new Atari computer.
  5. Your display (TV) probably doesn't support other resolutions. Is it old? Is it an old HDMI cable?
  6. No, that's not possible. Its the TV.
  7. If it's a TV its because of that. The VCS is just a regular PC outputting 720p or 1080p over HDMI. Look at the TV picture settings, I had an older TV that did this, there was a PC mode that corrected it. Otherwise try another resolution on the VCS side.
  8. I thought this was one of the games they were going to let fizzle away when they said they were shifting focus from mobile and free to play to paid PC/VCS/console games.
  9. Sounds like overscan, check your TV settings. Maybe even try another resolution.
  10. I've not tried it for a while. You need to get the Xbox pass that includes cloud game streaming. Then, download the app from the Atari store. If you're not seeing it, try clicking on See All to see the rest of the games/apps. Otherwise you can probably just play it direct from the browser. YMMV.
  11. Patience. There's probably a big cumulative update of the OS, Firmware etc. Mine has been boxed for a month or so because of a house move, it needed to do some big updates. It takes a while, just let it do what it needs to do, its worth the wait. :-)
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