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  1. other game i build called galaxy 4 fog landing galaxy 4 crazy landingv7.bin fog l pic.bmp
  2. heres a link to the psg commands BasiEgaXorz - Sega Genesis BASIC Compiler - v1.37 Documentation (monkeeh.com)
  3. heres an example of how to write it psgvol 0,10 psgvol 1,20 psgvol 2,25 psgvol 3,3 psg 1,643 psg 1,419 sleep 1 psg 1,485 sleep 1 psg 1,643 and put that at the end of the loop just before wend and its the sound
  4. here are some links to the tools i use this is the IDE BasiEgaXorz - Sega Genesis BASIC Compiler (monkeeh.com) to use the ide you have to go to the option menu and put in the path for your tile editor and emulator (i use sgtd tile editor and GENS emulator) after that go to the compiler option and check mark copy output file to project directory and rename so it shows up in the folder, then check mark after compilation run in emulator. After that go to target option and pick a output type (cart,sega cd,32x cart) hit apply then start coding this is the tile editor SGTD !! (monkeeh.com) its easy to use
  5. ya the basiegaxor ide and flashkit and sgtd are all good for homebrew
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