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  1. Its a pattern with Jane. Loud when they think everything is going well (because they need people to know everything is real and happy and whatever), but clams right up when they realise the walls are closing in around them. Last time Jane was this silent was with the downfall of Blue Sock Studios a couple years ago. They ditched the old social media accounts and reappeared with new ones. Funny enough, also running with the claims of "hidden for 40 years" and "new to Twitter" despite the previous accounts making those exact same claims. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the following happened: 1- Jane suddenly makes a bunch of Twitter posts in the next few days after reading these comments to 'disprove' these patterns. 2- Jane slinks away and comes back with yet another account. 3- Janes head gets might confused because they want to post to disprove what I said here, but in doing so will confirm they're reading and reacting to this post, doesn't know what to do and pulls a tantrum somewhere.
  2. Worth mentioning another little anecdote relating to this particular bit. In the past Jane has claimed to have "Bill Gates' lawyers" on call to handle certain things. In this particular case, in which Jane seems to be playing all their cards, the lawyers representing them are literally small-time no-win-no-fee lawyers. And funnily enough, 'hate crimes' don't even make up any parts of the claim. Its entirely a libel case. Heck, I'd be happy to publish the actual case details after its done and dusted (if I'm allowed, I'm not sure) for anyone who needs a laugh.
  3. Im still a firm believer that Jane just printed them off some online template and has them stuck on the fridge with little magnets. Excuse me while I print off a few "Game Artist of the Decade" awards I threw together in Photoshop. You'll be seeing them on my CV shortly.
  4. Also worth noting that a 'programmer of the year' award would probably never go to a game developer. Game programmers do great work for sure, and there are a handful of those programmers who are freaking geniuses. But awards going to games instead of say, robotics? Neural-net based AI? Spacecraft navigation? Are we really expected to believe that another console shooter won an award over full operating systems and software? At best, I could get on board with "best game developer" (Which itself would be problematic considering that with the exception of solo-indie devs, no single developer isnt supported by the others in their teams), but 'programmer of the year'? Please. If anyone deserves that, its Margaret Hamilton and her team for as long as they live.
  5. Far as I can tell, the award doesn't even exist. Aside from Jane somehow winning it during years that they produced literally nothing, I just never could find any evidence of the award existing at all. Youd think something so prestigious would be kind of a big thing in programmer circles, right?
  6. If it were only the sock thing I'd just call Jane a bit weird and move on. I wish it were only the sock thing.
  7. Typical Jane self-victimising. Makes themselves look like a victim in order to garner sympathies from various demographics. It used to be all about disabilities, then Jane shifted to LGBT+ demographics when that stopped working. Now I'll state for the records here: I absolutely support anyone going through the struggles and hardships that come with being part of the LGBT+ groups. I wish the world wasn't the way it is, I wish everyone got equally rich lives regardless of background, sexuality, ethnicities etc. Same for people with disabilities (heck, my own wife is a wheelchair user). But Jane would just as easy accuse me of 'hate crimes' against them, because I happened to call out their Athena tech as complete BS several years ago, and then again recently. Given how I know Jane operates, I'm sure they're also accusing me of all manner of rediculous and monstrous things internally at Athena. Because Jane can't explain away why entire teams abandoned them before, they have to create ludicrous stories to frame themself as the ultimate victim.
  8. And previously they were some sort of medical leg-support thing. And before that something about covering up burns? Id bet cash-money Jane just morphed them into a gender thing so that any 'attacks' on their socks fetish suddenly become another hate-crime. Just using that diversity shield wherever they can. I couldn't give a toss what someone's personal identity or fashion choices are, be whatever ans whoever you wanna be. What's creepy is how Jane tries to make other unwitting people a part of it.
  9. Jane is actually the closest thing to evil that I think I'll ever meet in person. Not because of the lies and scams, those are run-of-the-mill a**hole moves. But because of how they operate. Friendly on the outside, sympathetic to your struggles. Promises the things you want, pretends like theyre a friend, says exactly what you need to hear to get you to do what they want. All the while ready to publicly brand you a monster the moment you start questioning things. I wont say here how much damage Jane caused to my own personal life and how badly my career was stunted, but it was bad. It was traumatic and I still suffer from it mentally. The crazy thing is I wasnt even the worst off. Jane is a monster through-and-through, and I'll always support the efforts to expose this fact. It saddens me that people still fall for Janes silver tongue and sob-stories.
  10. Fun fact surrounding this particular page Jane will blatantly edit things for their own BS, I feel stupid for doing this request but I still hadnt figured out Janes game at this point.
  11. What is hilarious to me, personally, is that there was a time Jane was publicly boasting about being involved in just about anything big. Always tweeting about directing or leading some such projects that went on to be worldwide successes or tech innovations. Then when a handful of veteran devs called them out on Twitter, it all reverted to just AvP. When Jane realised that the internet has people on it, they scaled down their boasts to the only thing of note they ever accomplished. A 30 year old achievement, with nothing since. One success in a career of lies.
  12. I don't know exactly when, but I think Jane changed his name from Andrew sometime in the early 2000s. Id heard others mention the scalding water story, the rest of this doesn't surprise me at all though. I seriously think the socks thing is some weird form of voyeurism for Jane. Creepy and gross.
  13. Honestly given how little Jane understood about current game development practices and pipelines during my employment, it astounds me that they were even part of the AvP team. Jane must have had some understanding and skill there, right? Now they cant even muster up some basic javascript and thinks (not kidding here) a team of 2 artists can make an entire explorable city level with 'Crysis graphics' in just a couple weeks. It felt like I knew more and had more valuable experience than Jane, and that experience was almost entirely in small-time mobile games. Whatever skills Jane had in the 90s just bloody disappeared.
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