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  1. Updated with Battlewheels and Ninja Gaiden sourced. I guess all I need are the 2 soccer games and I will be done with all the "easier" games to get. Anyone willing to part with European or World Class Soccer?
  2. I was playing around with the Lynx yesterday while getting myself ready to do a recap on my own since I was not able to source out anyone willing to take it in. I am okay with a soldering iron, but I did not have any of my old tools since moving to/from Alaska. In preparation I bought a Hakko FX901 cordless iron, some NI-MH batteries to use in it, and other basic soldering stuff along with a Console5 recap kit. I am holding off on the power kit since all the components are surface mounted and I am not even sure my iron will be able to get them free. I was futzing with the Lynx yesterday when the battery LED started to flicker. I was following up on another post that suggested a "playing blind" condition could be a bad or dirty cart slot so I was cleaning the cart slot and putting carts in and powering up the system. So this seems like a silly oversight on my part, but I assumed that I had a good power source. After all, everything on the Lynx powered up except for displaying graphics. I don't have an AC adapter. I have only ever used batteries in my Lynx since I bought it new from KB Toys when they were clearing them out. So I swapped out the batteries and everything works! I am not 100% sure why depleted batteries would prevent just the video from displaying but allow sound, buttons, and backlight to power up. Anyway, I will probably still do a recap at some point, but the pressure is off. A visual inspection of the capacitors don't show any problems with leaking or any other obvious issues. I have owned this system since new and have taken very good care of it. Just glad that it not dead!
  3. Mine arrived yesterday. Unfortunately my Lynx is down at the moment, so I can't even try it out. Arrived pretty quickly from France though. I think I ordered either on the 22 or 23 of October, so just over a week turn-around. Not too bad!
  4. Inexplicably it went out again! Chatted with BennVenn and figured out that it probably was not a bad lcd unit. I swapped in the original unit and was not able to get video either. So it looks like some component in the lynx is bad. The only good news appears to be that even though I don't get video, sound and everything else works so maybe it is fixable. Unfortunately it is a little beyond my scope right now. Anyone have a recommendation on someone I can send it to?
  5. This was one of the last 9 games I needed to complete the official released Lynx games. This was a great price, too good to pass up. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Inexplicably this problem resolved itself on its own. So I can't explain what happened.
  7. Sudden issue with my BennVenn v6 modded Lynx. Yesterday it was working great. Today I turned it on and I get sound but nothing outputs to video! It seems like everything else works though. Any ideas on what the cause could be? Screen lights up so it is getting power. Tried a few different games and nothing is displaying. No idea what could be causing it. Hoping that maybe someone here might have had the same issue. Thanks in advance!
  8. Ah, so the opposite of real life! I skipped the manual when I was playing and was flying more slow to conserve gas. I have made it to the first boss now, but cannot land enough hits to get past it. Really enjoying the game so far. Great for playing a few minutes at a stretch.
  9. Got my copy yesterday. I played around with for a little while. The game is really challenging (for me!). I was not able to get too far. It seems that I was always running out of gas! Will have to practice some more.
  10. Gordo 106 has been obtained. Just 9 more to go.
  11. I was searching ebay for any loose Lynx games I need to get to finish the collection and someone is trying to sell just the box and manual for this game for 59 dollars plus shipping. It is the Songbird release. Seems scummy since that is how much the game is to purchase new from Songbird.
  12. Defeated the first dragon, but Arth died right before the rest of the party struck the final blow! Really bad timing Do "dead" characters again EXP? I did not notice if his EXP changed or not. Also is there a list of enemy names with the accompanying sprites? Just curious exactly who/what I am fighting.
  13. The quality of Wyverns Tale forced me to pick up Sky Raider too. I just placed my order this morning. I watched the videos of this and I am super impressed with the quality of the sprite work and detail. I was on the fence just looking at screenshots but when I saw it in motion it was a whole new story. Could not pass this one up.
  14. Got my copy in the mail yesterday. Super impressed with the package presentation. Excellent job. Immediately put the game in and started playing. Still learning the mechanics of the game. Some NPC in the first town warned me about knights in the area. I thought for sure there would not be any enemies that you would not be able to tackle right away and promptly got my team nearly killed on my first encounter . . . with a knight. So I guess he was right. Proceeded back to town, healed up, and am now grinding some levels. Currently fighting some wasps and blue jelly things and 50% of the time I am not sure I am going to make it through a battle. My favorite effect is the enemy shrinking down to nothing after you kill them. Nice use of the sprite scaling. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for the game!
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