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  1. it is unclear. I doubt the obfuscation is strong. Someone needs to research.
  2. Excellent! Thanks for getting back to me. Have fun!
  3. V2020 Release which is based on Debian Buster. https://www.apertis.org/release/v2020.0/releasenotes/
  4. I noticed what may be the cause of your issue. Pull the most recent copy of the script down. I added a "chmod" command. https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/AtariVCSroot/blob/main/atarivcs.sh#L41
  5. Wireless, or wired? I've seen some inconsistencies between both. I use wired exclusively for now.
  6. see if you can login as root on the Apertis terminal on tty2.
  7. This will allow you to have a persistent root shell on the running Apertis system. It exploits the OverlayFS features to set a root and user password, and launch a backdoor root shell on port 4444. https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/AtariVCSroot https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/AtariVCSroot/blob/main/atarivcs.sh
  8. Please enjoy this simple way to maintain persistent root on an Atari VCS 800. https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/AtariVCSroot https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/AtariVCSroot/raw/main/atarivcs.sh
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