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  1. The 4 ring is an A/V cable error. Also, each ring has a different meaning, 1 - 3 rings are the most common.
  2. RROD can be 1 - 4 lights. 4 lights means that your A/V cable isn’t plugged in, or failed. 3 lights means general hardware failure (one or more components failed). 2 lights is overheating. 1 light is hardware failure
  3. Update: the xbox let its magic smoke out, and started to smoke out of the vents. It made a loud hissing sound. Most likely a capacitor died. At least i have another xbox.
  4. It’s general hardware failure, I believe the gpu or cpu has become desoldered from the board, I think I need to reflow it, and add new thermal paste
  5. I decided to take out my Xbox 360 which has been sitting for 5 years. I turned it on, and there are 3 red rings.
  6. That whole site is a scam for example: https://www.totshop.top/ProductDetail.aspx?iid=207173023&pr=58.99 that’s literally just an image taken off of google images. Also, take a look at the reviews near the bottom of the page. Edit: that page literally has a Nintendo eShop gift card for $35 listed for $58.99…
  7. I’m super excited to get my Harmony Encore, just waiting for it to ship!

    1. GoldLeader


      One of my Favorite purchases In Life!!    You'll have a Blast!

    2. Rogerpoco


      Yeah, there's life before a Harmony Cart, and life after getting one.

      Have Fun!

      (Hard not to...).

  8. Is there a forums page for the OG Xbox?
  9. Thanks so much! I will be ordering a cap kit from console5.
  10. Ok, thanks! Do you you recommend replacing all of the caps to prevent other things from wearing out in the future?
  11. It makes a super loud static noise, I can’t hear the game at all. The picture is also super crisp with little to no artifacts, I am using RF.
  12. necropost, a 17 year necropost…
  13. I don’t have another system to test with, but i will try this, thanks!
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