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  1. I am getting crazy with this Atari VCS 800 ... My bios version is 21. I saw plenty videos from Retro Axis but not all before acting. First video : How to open the VCS 800. I did it. I bought the RAM update and the M2 980 ... Ok 1 video is not enough repack the 980 and I bought a 860. Till now I can start with a Ubuntu key. As I want a multi OS boot. I download the last release of Windows 10 download and create a USB bootable installation key. Everything seams perfect. The M2 860 is inside the VCS I boot on my windows 10 install. I arrive at the end of file install, first reboot and error. Impossible to go futher. Ok Windows is making Windows stuff And not it is VCS that makes VCS stuff. I try in the install process to redo the partitioning not better.I decide to change my mind, No need of windows it will be Ubuntu. Impossible to boot with my Ubuntu usb key !!! The VSC always open the VCS interface. OK Windows did something to the Bios. Easy I just have to edit the boot section in the bios. And I try many way to open the bios. I did the shortcut between pin 3 an pin 2. Nothing works. And finally I did it. I use the WintoUsb program to install Win 10 home edition on my M2 disk in a usb case. It works well on the VCS as an external drive but don't works in SATA3 mode. I have use MiniTool Partition Wizard 11 and I did a conversion of my windows USB M2 from GPT disk to MBR disk. And miracle : When I boot on this faulty drive I have an UEFI error and open the bios is a possibility without the keyboard just the mouse. Do you think that I should be happy with my usb Windows 10 or a SATA dual boot without waiting the bios version 100 is possible ?
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