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  1. I wrote too soon. Rufus with the Windows.iso I downloaded using the Microsoft tool worked.
  2. I'm ready to give up on my Windows install attempts. I have a Samsung T7 500GB SSD. I've tried both WinToUSB Professional and Rufus. WinToUSB gets to around 70% and craps out. I've tried multiple times. I ran Chkdsk on the SSD. Prior to this I had Ubuntu on the same SSD and the VCS booted it fine. I used GPT for UEFI and VHDX options in WinToUSB. I created the Windows.iso file using the Microsoft media creation tool. I used Rufus to download a separate version of windows Win10_21H1_EnglishInternational_x64.iso and had Rufus create a Windows To Go. The VCS boots and i get the spinner and then a prompt that the Windows installation was unsucessful and the system needs to restart. Loop Ad infinitum. Now I'm trying Rufus with the Windows.iso I downloaded using the Microsoft tool. This is my last attempt. I don't think I need to go into the BIOS and disable secure boot, do I? Not sure with these latest Windows updates if Microsoft is changing things to interfere with installing it to removable drives, and both WinToUSB and Rufus havent been updated to account for it.
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