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  1. Having added the 2 additional ground pins to my ADE, works chained to physical disk as expected. THANKS!!!
  2. I understand all that you said and truly appreciate your contributions to the Coleco ADAM community as well as taking the time for personal responses to my inquiries. I am NOT a skilled hardware builder, but here was my effort to comply with the connection diagram before I add the additional 2 grounds: Thanks so much! I hope to contribute some custom ADAM BBS software I used to sell after transferring to DSK image. Shawn
  3. This is VERY helpful thanks! Looks like I really should tie the 3 adjacent ground pins together and see if my ADE chains OK from physical drive. I was also following a video where only one pin 3 ground was wired and that is why I didn't use the additional grounds. The Sean Myers ADE connection diagram shows NOT to connect the +5V pin on the jack at all. I trust this is correct even though ADAMNet uses all 6 pins, right?
  4. Although my ADE seems to work great, I have been unable to get it chained off Disk 1 even though I disabled the ADE D1, D3, and D4. Could this be due to me only wiring pins 1-3 but not the additional 2 ground wires (pins 4-5) on the jack? Should the 3 ground pins all just be tied together? Could there be another likely explanation? MANY THANKS for helpful advice. Shawn
  5. Thank you so much for this great information! I am not sure why I found one or two sources telling me the keyboard could plug into the disk drive but I do feel better about my system condition given your prompt response. So what I really need is a 6P6C line splitter? I have seen these on eBay or Amazon but did not know if there was any special requirements to watch out for ADAM compatibility.
  6. Hello, I've recently been rebuilding my Coleco ADAM setup, most of which was sold off decades ago. Now I have a fully classic working system and a newly built ADAM drive emulator (ADE). All seems well, but I've been informed that I should be able to daisy chain the keyboard off the OUTPUT jack from a physical disk drive. When attempting this I get no light or function on the keyboard, although this keyboard (and another spare keyboard) work just fine when connected directly to the front or side ADAMNet jacks. Is there something I am doing wrong? I can successfully chain 2 physical disk drives without problem, but was advised to get keyboard chained before moving on to ADE coexistence with physical drive. Thanks for your advice, Shawn
  7. Just a couple of observations that might help others, and please correct me if I'm wrong... In the zip file, the folder with ColecoVision In-House Utility Carts has the Gamma Debug. I think this is more for ADAM rather than ColecoVision. Test 4 of this cart will show "CHECK SUM", which displays the ROM checksums for U2 (ColecoVision OS ROM), U8, U20, U21, and U22 (ADAM ROMS 1-4). On my 2 ADAM Standalone systems, I consistently got the expected ROM values D483, DC0E, B113, and AEB9 plus the unusual U22 value 251F. Another related anomaly is from the ADAM Final Test - Menu Version cart. Option 7 TEST ROMS. All the ROM values come back the same as the Gamma test except ROM4 actually reports F385 (correctly). However, run this option 7 more than once without hitting game reset and it DEFINITELY reports incorrect and *changing* ROM checksums each time for ROMs 1-3. In summary, these tests ARE REALLY helpful for some diagnostic information but they also have quirks that may confuse some first time users. Those were my observations so far.
  8. Those are great suggestions. Once I get my ADE built I will give them a try. Currently I'm all old school physical media, but slowly getting ADAM into the 21st Century. Thanks! 🙂
  9. Diagnosing my partially faulty 64K Memory Expander in a working ADAM. A little less useful information from that test ROM. The memory error appears just after testing begins, but unsure if testing halts or continues to look for additional faults. Doesn't help me pinpoint which chip to investigate or replace either. Oh well, can't win them all.
  10. Yes, good point. I understand the Test Module is expected for this program to fully function. I have found some of the Final Test Rev. 3.3 procedures work fine without it and particularly like that version of the keyboard test, which is guided to cover all the underlying matrix traces without having to use every single key. However, the forced printer reporting of each step is quite annoying for those of us still using a SmartWriter for the power supply though! It was such a breakthrough value back in the day, but the printer is so badly maligned by modern critics. I still have more tests to perform, including a partially faulty Coleco 64K RAM expander! Regards, Shawn
  11. I am SO HAPPY to say that portions of these testing utilities have already given me possible diagnostic results. I have a standalone 2410 memory console that entirely black screens on the ADAM side ("Gamma" board) boot and/or reset, but the ColecoVision side ("Delta" board) seems to work perfectly with ROM cartridges and game controllers. The failure is severe enough to prevent running all DDP or disk-based diagnostics. However, the ROM-based diagnostics were cleverly designed to bypass most of these type of failures. After copying the ROM image to a wonderful ATARIMAX Ultimate SD Cartridge, I obtained various bits of information by trying several of the test ROMs. Identified a likely bad RAM chip at location U17: Video RAM appeared OK in ColecoVision operations and other tests, but the ADAM keyboard test really shows the consequences of this problem. Yes, the keyboard works : ) and pressed letters eventually DO appear, but the screen is badly corrupted throughout: Anyone recognize U22 ROM checksum 251F by chance? I can't find any reference to this, but get the same results on a fully operational ADAM console and think it is fine. The other checksums here are documented: Attempts to run Final Test Rev 3.3 on the bad console don't get anywhere, but display only these green lines and hang: It will be some time before I attempt to remove the soldered U17 RAM module with my amateur skills. I will say this was almost as much fun for me as a GAME ROM cartridge! I do hope to recover this hardware to operational status in time. THANKS AGAIN for making these available unadulterated! Shawn
  12. Hello NIAD, Let me be the first to say a hardy THANK YOU for this wonderful zip file! Your work couldn't be MORE APPRECIATED OR TIMELY since my recent return to the ADAM community after 30 years away. I'm looking forward to diagnosing (to the best of my ability) a recent problem child ADAM purchase. 10 PRINT "THANK YOU! "; 20 GOTO 10 30 REM LOL : ) Shawn Merrick Vintage Developer, ADAMCastle BBS (1986) - The ONLY entirely RAM-based CP/M BBS written exclusively for ADAM - The ColecoVision Family Computer System.
  13. Hello, I built one of these auto-answer devices long ago. There wasn't a lot of BBS choices for Coleco ADAM. Just curious if you remember which BBS software you ran.
  14. I know you said you could read and sometimes write to disk. Perhaps we could diagnose just a bit more if you are willing to erase a known working/reading Adam floppy disk. Reformat and verify it. If this goes OK, would seem to indicate drive is OK and the other disk failures are due to the media age, condition, or quality. However, if the working disk fails to reformat and verify, would seem likely the problem is in the drive itself. I share your frustration as my drive was working one night, and not the next morning. Keep us informed of your progress.
  15. Perhaps you have already tried this, but I would suspect you might need to try cleaning the write head with a cotton swab and a dab of isopropyl alcohol. Also, have you tried many different brands of floppy disk? Before my drive quit reading everything I was able to format some disks perfectly but did find certain ones that it complained repeatedly about. I think some of these old discs simply are not good anymore. Please keep us informed of your progress. Shawn
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