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  1. I haven't even thought about buying something like the Amico or Playdate. I currently have both the PS4 and XBone, so I don' t yet need another console. I'm planning on updating my gaming pc and buying a Switch Lite. That will more than cover any retro and modern gaming needs I might have.
  2. I know, right! Between all of the freebies I gotten in the last year and a half from Twitch Prime and Epic Game Store, I haven't bought any PC games this year and I've grown my library by 150 games! Too bad I only have time to play a handful of them.
  3. Just look at the value of 16 bit sports titles. That will give you your answer.
  4. Crowdfunding is more and more becoming a device to scam suckers. Just look at Atari as a prime example. If a product is good, it will come out one way or another. If it isn't, no great lose.
  5. Maybe it's the era of when a person started to play video games? My oldest son feels that anything before SNES and Genesis is shit, while my youngest son won't play anything before the PS2.
  6. They're doing this to try to sell at least a few more consoles than they would otherwise. And once they get people to subscribe to their services, they can keep a good number of them to boost the divisions profits. But I think this is really a trial run for next gen. If the pricing on the X is any indication of the future, then this will mitigate some of the sticker shock.
  7. Interesting to here about this being a parachute. I figured that the new LLC was formed to protect the main company from the inevitable lawsuits that are going to happen after the backers get screwed.
  8. MCHufnagel


    Whenever I here people say that Linux has improved for gaming. I look at my Steam and GOG libraries. Out of nearly 500 games I roughly have twice as many are Mac OS compatible (81) than are Linux compatible (42). Hell I have more games that are XP compatible! Linux is great for tasks like web-browsing, e-mails or Open Office. But gaming, LOL! I've been hearing that Linux is the future for over 20 years, and it hasn't happened yet. And I bet it never will.
  9. Which, IMHO, is a bullshit excess. They are free to negotiate different contracts that would have a clause granting them a second run, if they wanted to. Sure some publishers would balk, but not all of them.
  10. Steam will still rule the market because developers have been getting lazy. It must be easier to use Steamworks instead of making a DRM-free versions because there a quite a few GOG version of indy games getting updates much later than Steam versions or even never getting updated.
  11. The only way to fix a QC error like what just occurred, they would need to fire the entire QC department.
  12. If this is just a problem of sending out defective consoles for review, then ATGames better get with those reviewers and send them non-shit consoles. The reviews are really bad and getting a lot of publicity. But seeing how they've been pumping out shit Genesis clones for nearly a decade, I have a strong feeling that what was reviewed is what consumers are going to get. I agree with Rich at ReviewTechUSA in that Sega would be better off making their own clones. Or at least designing them and have a quality manufacturer make them. I'm really disappointed with these reviews. I really wanted to get one. I even told my wife to buy one for my birthday this fall. Looks like I'll just keep playing the Steam versions on my HTPC.
  13. I never pay full price for digital downloads. Hell, I rarely even pay 50% off. Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, GOG and Steam sales are the way to go.
  14. Never really bought music from Best Buy. But i continue to buy cd's and vinyl from FYE. My local FYE has very knowledgeable employees and you can even listen to an album by scanning the upc and put on the headphones by the scanner.
  15. Replacing the disc drive for a card reader and the hdd with a M.2 stick or a sdxc slot would seriously reduce the size and power consumption of the PS4. Now I don't know if it could obtain the same size as the Switch though.
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