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  1. Well, when a modern, non-turbo V-6 has the same horsepower as most, non-exotic car V-8's of that era; then yes, they were pretty underpowered. I had a S-15 1986 Jimmy with a 2.8L V-6. It had 115 hp. I also had a 1974 AMC Gremlin with the 4.2L straight six that had even less than that. My 2019 Dodge Charger has a 3.6L V-6 rated at 292 HP. A 1984 Mustang GT350 had a 175 hp 5.0L V-8 while a 1984 Chevy Corvette came with a 205 HP 5.7L V-8. Yes, I would say that era is known for underpowered cars.
  2. It was still better than the Bricklin! And all cars in the mid-70's to mid-80's were underpowered.
  3. For the amount of money Atari is charging for this device, all three volumes should be free. Fanatical always has these for sale in dirt cheap bundles.
  4. What's the real answer then? They're a shitty company, ran by shitty people pushing a shitty product? Well, I would believe that.
  5. I just don't understand why the most entertaining thread on AA was closed down. Sure I never posted there, but I went there every day to see the mayhem!
  6. Finally got the Watch Dogs 2 confirmation e-mail this afternoon and found it in my UPlay account. I don't even know when I'll find the time to play it, but my hoarding instincts forced me to get it. 😬
  7. As predicted, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is now free on Epic. Another free game on there is Sludge Life. Also SNK announced that the upcoming Samurai Shodown collection will be free on Epic June 11th. Edit: It looks like I was late with the Samurai Shodown announcement. 😜
  8. I have no problem with Epic. They give me free games every Thursday and I then ignore them the rest of the week. And many games are DRM free. I have actually moved games to pcs without the Epic client and they work just fine.
  9. Damn, I didn't notice the penny difference. GOG has it for $14.99 right now.
  10. As already stated, when you get GTA V, Epic store will give you a $10 off coupon. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with all DLC is only $14.99. So with the coupon, it will be $4.99! A great deal on a great game.
  11. No need to buy a game on Amazon and link it to your Origin account. These games are on sale for these same prices on Origin. Dlc is on sale too.
  12. I haven't even thought about buying something like the Amico or Playdate. I currently have both the PS4 and XBone, so I don' t yet need another console. I'm planning on updating my gaming pc and buying a Switch Lite. That will more than cover any retro and modern gaming needs I might have.
  13. I know, right! Between all of the freebies I gotten in the last year and a half from Twitch Prime and Epic Game Store, I haven't bought any PC games this year and I've grown my library by 150 games! Too bad I only have time to play a handful of them.
  14. Just look at the value of 16 bit sports titles. That will give you your answer.
  15. Crowdfunding is more and more becoming a device to scam suckers. Just look at Atari as a prime example. If a product is good, it will come out one way or another. If it isn't, no great lose.
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