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  1. I also do not see how a chip shortage has anything to do with the OS, games & backend systems not being ready.
  2. There is a date. The target launch date for preorders is on or before 12/31/21 as stated in their email that went out to people who preordered. Intellivision is focused and determined to get consoles out this year so that is the target launch date.
  3. Yes the Gekko is $65, I will watch some reviews on it before I decide to get it or not. I would rather spend $65 on something good then $20 on crap.
  4. nobody ever said "try" so not sure where you got that from The official statement says they are "focused" and "determined" to get consoles out this year which means their new target date is 12/31/21. They just do not want to make it a firm date since they have failed before and may fail again. They never said they were just going to "try" since "trying" is not enough at this point. Seriously, enough talk, they have made backers wait long enough. No reason at all why they can't assemble a small quantity and send them out unless the console and games are just still unfinished. If they need to take a loss on a few hundred consoles to get them out then man up and take the loss. This is big boy stuff. All it will take is a high level of "focus" and "determination" to get consoles out this year.
  5. ewj not a platformer.mp4 not a rumor, it is clearly stated here that they are not making an EWJ platformer since it would be too much work and are aiming for a party game, who knows maybe they will shock everyone and make it the 6th pack in game to save the day
  6. Well they were planning EWJ in this video May 4, 2019 well over 2 years ago so that would indicate to me that they have been actively working on it since. You would think by now it would be nearly complete. Would make zero sense otherwise.
  7. geez those ugly ratings on bottom left of the box sort of ruin the look for me I am not sold on the whole NFT thing. Until it is actually officially revealed as a real thing, I would not count on it. Wouldn't it be something if they actually do not even use NFT at all.
  8. so what if it is a fan made image, it is still a real thing being planned by IE and TT. So my question still stands, when will we see them in action?
  9. this looks promising, when will we get to see these face buttons in action?
  10. I have had a couple topics deleted which is fine. It is their site and they have the right to run it the way they see fit. Not sure I will be posting much any longer though since now any post I make is pending moderators approval which again I am not complaining because maybe I went a bit overboard in some of my opinions but being moderated for every post just ruins the experience a bit. Would be cool if they gave some private message to me in warning before banning me from topics and placing a hold on my comments. Anyways, wish you all well and hope you continue the conversation in whatever way that can continue. Peace and good vibes go out to TT and IE.
  11. The Gekko seems to be the one that I am most interested in since I am just looking for HDMI out that will look good on a modern big screen. I am not wanting to mod my console though and also want to be able to continue to play my Dreamcast discs. Thanks again for all the awesome suggestions.
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