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  1. Yes the Gekko is $65, I will watch some reviews on it before I decide to get it or not. I would rather spend $65 on something good then $20 on crap.
  2. The Gekko seems to be the one that I am most interested in since I am just looking for HDMI out that will look good on a modern big screen. I am not wanting to mod my console though and also want to be able to continue to play my Dreamcast discs. Thanks again for all the awesome suggestions.
  3. Thanks to all the suggestions. I like playing my disc games so not wanting do the digital thing. I am going to look into the Akura and LevelHike as I have not heard of those before. Since you who have tried them say they are not the best, I guess I may just stick with original cables that I have.
  4. Cool to see a few others here would be interested in a console version. For me currently, there is no point in buying a Switch since I do not want a handheld portable Switch at all and I do not like the idea of having a handheld that I will never use just to keep it docked 100% of the time. I would purchase a Switch TV console only version for sure if they ever released it.
  5. Will they ever make non portable TV only Switch console? Why has Nintendo not made a TV only version of the Switch console? Is this something that could still happen in the future?
  6. What are some of the best PS3 games that are still under $15? Two that I like are Brutal Legend & Split Second.
  7. Has anyone used any of the HDMI cables for the Dreamcast? I am thinking about buying the Hyperkin version and curious if anyone here has used it that might know if it is a smart buy or not?
  8. Shinobi 3 is the one that I always go back to playing most often because it is the easiest to dive back into, even though they are all 3 are great games. Also really like the music in the pc engine Shinobi.
  9. Some N64 games have aged well but others not so much. Graphically speaking, it may depend on TV type, size and input method. I know some games look better on different types of TVs and screen size.
  10. Colecovision all the way, and the Colecovision has other controller options to choose from which is always nice.
  11. Have an Evercade and a big stack of physical game cartridges. Very much looking forward to the Evercade VS Console. Great to see a company like Evercade that still offers true physical games on a modern console. Rock on Evercade!
  12. Yes and to be fair, they are clearly a niche product and always cool to see something uniquely innovative. As weird as that crank looks, it is at least something that has not been done before. I don't even care that the screen is not color. Have an optional backlit version even if it costs more and I am in all the way. Hopefully they will upgrade it and release a future version with a backlight but that would surely piss off people who bought the 1st model. I just remember my frustrations with the first GBA that was not backlit. It was the worst fooling with the light bulb attachments and they never worked good.
  13. Looks like another awesome multi-cart game. I will for sure be adding this one to my collection. The Evercade platform is growing and this will be a great cart for the Evercade VS. I think Evercade is going to have a huge library a couple years from now and when some of these Evercade carts go out of print, they will most likely be collectible. I can even see a couple years from now, them releasing a more powerful and upgraded Evercade2 handheld and/or the EvercadeVS2 console both with backwards compatibility with original Evercade carts.
  14. Very unique and interesting device but looks like the screen has no backlight. That is unacceptable for me for a $200 handheld in 2021 to not be backlit.
  15. Anyone know if there is a list of games that are currently in production that are future releases for the VCS? Any future releases that are designed for the retro controller?
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